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Vanity Quotes

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Pampered vanity is a better thing perhaps than starved pride.

Tags: Perhaps, Pride  ✍ Author: Philip James Bailey

I have come to have the firm conviction that vanity is the basis of everything, and finally that what one calls conscience is only inner vanity.

Tags: Conscience, Finally  ✍ Author: Gustave Flaubert

For our vanity is such that we hold our own characters immutable, and we are slow to acknowledge that they have changed, even for the better.

Tags: Changed, Hold  ✍ Author: E. M. Forster

Stupidity talks, vanity acts.

Tags: Acts, Stupidity  ✍ Author: Victor Hugo

The vanity of being known to be trusted with a secret is generally one of the chief motives to disclose it.

Tags: Known, Secret  ✍ Author: Samuel Johnson

Always first draw fresh breath after outbursts of vanity and complacency.

Tags: After, Fresh  ✍ Author: Franz Kafka

Vanity is the healthiest thing in life.

Tags: Life  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

I think male actors get confused by their own vanity.

Tags: Confused, Male  ✍ Author: Shirley MacLaine

You must renounce all superficiality, all convention, all vanity and delusion.

Tags: Convention, Delusion  ✍ Author: Gustav Mahler

The world is all a carcass and vanity, The shadow of a shadow, a play And in one word, just nothing.

Tags: Shadow, Word  ✍ Author: Michel de Montaigne

There is perhaps no more obvious vanity than to write of it so vainly.

Tags: Perhaps, Write  ✍ Author: Michel de Montaigne

I have a lot of vanity.

 ✍ Author: Jack Nicholson

Our vanity is hardest to wound precisely when our pride has just been wounded.

Tags: Hardest, Pride  ✍ Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Vanity is my favourite sin.

Tags: Favourite, Sin  ✍ Author: Al Pacino

Vanity is but the surface.

Tags: Surface  ✍ Author: Blaise Pascal

Flattery is a kind of bad money, to which our vanity gives us currency.

Tags: Bad, Money  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

We have no patience with other people's vanity because it is offensive to our own.

Tags: Offensive, Patience  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

We say little, when vanity does not make us speak.

Tags: Speak  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The English are predisposed to pride, the French to vanity.

Tags: English, Pride  ✍ Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Vanity is the quicksand of reason.

Tags: Quicksand, Reason  ✍ Author: George Sand

The highest form of vanity is love of fame.

Tags: Fame, Love  ✍ Author: George Santayana

Vanity dies hard; in some obstinate cases it outlives the man.

Tags: Hard, Obstinate  ✍ Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.

Tags: Loathe, Narcissism  ✍ Author: Diana Vreeland

If I ever had any vanity, then I definitely lost it by being on television.

Tags: Lost, Television  ✍ Author: Clive Anderson

The only cure for vanity is laughter, and the only fault that is laughable is vanity.

Tags: Fault, Laughter  ✍ Author: Henri Bergson
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If I have one vanity wish, it would be to direct. It's the only thing I haven't done yet that I would like to.

Tags: Done, Wish  ✍ Author: Theodore Bikel

I should have more vanity.

 ✍ Author: Amy Brenneman

Magnanimous people have no vanity, they have no jealousy, and they feed on the true and the solid wherever they find it. And, what is more, they find it everywhere.

Tags: Jealousy, True  ✍ Author: Van Wyck Brooks

Men blush less for their crimes than for their weaknesses and vanity.

Tags: Less, Men  ✍ Author: John Bruton

There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth.

Tags: Fine, Truth  ✍ Author: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

We really care about photography at 'Vanity Fair.'

Tags: Care, Fair  ✍ Author: Graydon Carter

The knowledge of yourself will preserve you from vanity.

Tags: Knowledge, Yourself  ✍ Author: Miguel de Cervantes

Well, there are more writers of blogs right now than there are readers, so that's clearly a vanity phenomenon.

Tags: Clearly, Writers  ✍ Author: John Doerr

Vanity is as old as the mammoth.

Tags: Mammoth, Old  ✍ Author: Susan George

Censorship is the height of vanity.

Tags: Censorship, Height  ✍ Author: Martha Graham

My most treasured item is the brown leather bag that my mum bought me from a little Italian shop for my 21st. It's supposed to be a vanity bag, but I use it as a handbag.

Tags: Italian, Shop  ✍ Author: Felicity Jones

The unforgivable political sin is vanity; the killer diet is sour grapes.

Tags: Diet, Political  ✍ Author: Neil Kinnock

There is something wrong about being photographed that has nothing to do with vanity.

Tags: Wrong  ✍ Author: Nigella Lawson

I don't really lift weights. It's kind of a vanity thing that I don't get into.

Tags: Lift, Weights  ✍ Author: Jeremy London

Any fear of aging, I think, is simply vanity.

Tags: Fear, Simply  ✍ Author: Leighton Meester

A pretty wife is something for the fastidious vanity of a rougue to retire upon.

Tags: Pretty, Wife  ✍ Author: Thomas Moore

I believe firmly that it was the Almighty's goodness, to check my consummate vanity.

Tags: Check, Goodness  ✍ Author: Lord Mountbatten

When you have a lot of success you don't need vanity any more.

Tags: Success  ✍ Author: Amelie Nothomb

I wouldn't say I'm vain - I'm just in a job where the way you look is important. Well, at least the facelift wasn't vanity, but the hair was.

Tags: Hair, Job  ✍ Author: Gary Numan

Vanity metrics are the numbers you want to publish on TechCrunch to make your competitors feel bad.

Tags: Bad, Numbers  ✍ Author: Eric Ries

The vanity of teaching doth oft tempt a man to forget that he is a blockhead.

Tags: Forget, Teaching  ✍ Author: George Savile

I have been vain since birth. I expected other people to like what I did, although my vanity has definitely diminished over the years.

Tags: Birth, Since  ✍ Author: Wallace Shawn

Every author, however modest, keeps a most outrageous vanity chained like a madman in the padded cell of his breast.

Tags: However, Modest  ✍ Author: Logan Pearsall Smith

Our vanity is the constant enemy of our dignity.

Tags: Dignity, Enemy  ✍ Author: Jodie Sweetin

It's a vanity to think that a legitimate shamanistic experience can be purchased.

Tags: Experience, Legitimate  ✍ Author: J. Tillman

The surest cure for vanity is loneliness.

Tags: Cure, Loneliness  ✍ Author: Tom Wolfe
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