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Tom McCall's Profile

Brief about Tom McCall: By info that we know Tom McCall was born at 1913-03-22. And also Tom McCall is American Politician.

Tom McCall Biography

Tom McCall, American politician was born in Massachusetts on March 22, 1913. His grandfathers were Thomas Lawson – copper-king and Samuel McCall- a congressman.  Tom was studying at Redmond High School. After graduating the school he continued studying at the University of Oregon. In 5 years he got a degree in journalism.

In 1937 Tom McCall moved to Idaho, where he was writing for News-Review. Two years later, in 1939 he met his future wife- Audrey Owen. They married soon, closely after 3 months after they had first met. The couple had two sons Thomas and Sam McCall.

During the Second World War, as a journalist he worked for Portland’s The Oregonian. Tom McCall was Republican and the thirtieth Governor of Oregon during 1967-1975.

Tom McCall died because of prostate cancer on the 8th January, in 1983 when he was 69 years old. His wife-Audrey McCall , died in 2007, when she was 92 years old.

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