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Ulrich Beck's Profile

Brief about Ulrich Beck: By info that we know Ulrich Beck was born at 1944-05-15. And also Ulrich Beck is German Sociologist.

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We do not yet have the solutions to these questions, but the awareness that we live in an endangered world is present in more and more life situations.

Tags: Life, Present, Questions

When they come to Europe, they are confronted by still closed borders. Thus, the concept of open borders is a very selective concept, one that is not taken seriously at all in the experience of non-Europeans.

Tags: Experience, Open, Seriously

You need education. You need subsistence protection. We need jobs and social security. These are preconditions under which it will perhaps be possible to deal with these complex circumstances.

Tags: Education, Possible, Social

All theory of modernity in sociology suggests that the more modernity there is, the less religion. In my theory we can realize that this is wrong: atheism is only one belief system among many.

Tags: Less, Religion, Wrong

And it also became clear that these conditions of inequality and historical injustice have given rise to a feeling of hate in the world - a deeply felt hate that cannot easily be overcome with a few good words.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Hate

I forced myself to think what is the new concept and it became clear to me that it was risk, not only in technology and ecology, but in life and employment, too.

Tags: Life, Risk, Technology

Western countries in particular can today no longer be separated from Muslim societies, because they have them within themselves. They are themselves internally globalized.

Tags: Themselves, Today, Within

And the terror itself is an example of the world's uncontrollability.

Tags: Example, Terror

Europe itself is an embodiment of this diversity.

Tags: Diversity, Embodiment, Europe

Global conditions are far too complex to be able to imagine that they could ever be really controlled by one power.

Tags: Able, Far, Power

In the final analysis, terror is also another proof of the fact that the superpower is not really a superpower. It was vulnerable.

Tags: Another, Fact, Final

Initially, the horrific images of September 11th triggered an enormous wave of solidarity.

Tags: Images, September, Wave

Relinquishing apparent national sovereignty does not have to entail a loss of national sovereignty, but can actually be a benefit.

Tags: Actually, Loss, National

The basic assumption of the secular society is that modernity overcomes religion.

Tags: Basic, Religion, Society

We are living in a world that is beyond controllability.

Tags: Beyond, Living

You cannot make peace with terrorists. The normal dividing lines between war and peace do not apply.

Tags: Cannot, Peace, War

You could say that we are living in an internally globalized country.

Tags: Country, Living

Accordingly, globalization is not only something that will concern and threaten us in the future, but something that is taking place in the present and to which we must first open our eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Future, Place

And therefore we must seek dialogue in this networked world. We must ask which voice was actually attempting to make itself heard and saw no other possibility of gaining a hearing. To that extent, for a while this also represented a forced opening of a cosmopolitan view.

Tags: Actually, Ask, While

But it then very soon became clear that the response of a war against terrorism, initially conceived of in a metaphorical sense, began to be taken increasingly seriously and came to entail waging a real war.

Tags: Real, Sense, War
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