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Bruce Bennett's Quotes

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Born: 1906-05-19
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Bruce Bennett

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As a head-hunter I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my candidates do well and therefore my clients happy. I want to work with clients more as a partner than simply a head-hunter.

Tags: Happy, Simply, Work

All clients' needs and expectations are vastly different.

Tags: Clients, Needs, Vastly

I write box notes for Kino International, which specializes in distributing foreign films.

Tags: Films, Foreign, Write

I am not 100% English, I am actually part Italian and even part Hungarian. Therefore I feel very much part of Europe both in my upbringing and outlook.

Tags: Actually, Both, English
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Visit partners pages

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Bruce Bennett's quote #2
Bruce Bennett's quote #2
Bruce Bennett's quote #2
Bruce Bennett's quote #2
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