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Bryan White's Quotes

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Born: 1974-02-17
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Bryan White

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We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Tags: Learn, Public, Teen

Country Music is great music because it really comes from real life experiences. It is such a great haven for reality.

Tags: Great, Life, Music

I grew up with all kinds ofmusic, but my heart was particularly drawn to Country Music because of the guitar playing, the lyrics and of artists like Steve Warner and Vince Gill.

Tags: Country, Heart, Music

Both of my parents were musicians.

Tags: Both, Musicians, Parents

Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around.

Tags: Happy, Time

I remember my mom dressed like Janis Joplin.

Tags: Dressed, Mom, Remember

I want people to hear the presence of God in the music.

Tags: God, Hear, Music

I've always wanted to be a real universal artist, one that every type of audience could relate to.

Tags: Artist, Real, Wanted

Nat King Cole was a really big influence.

Tags: Big, Influence, King

There is not many tenors in the male category and that makes me stick out.

Tags: Makes, Male, Stick

I think some people record songs and make records a certain way to cater to radio. If you're born to make commercial music that's cool. But if you're born to not make commercial records, maybe you're meant to cater to another market.

Tags: Another, Cool, Music

I'm an entertainer. If people are paying good money for tickets they deserve the best show they can see. I don't get into lighting stuff on fire, but I do believe in going the extra mile.

Tags: Best, Good, Money

I've never really been a traditional country kind of guy. I wanted my music to sound more like the end of the '90s and to have the kind of great music, pop or whatever, that radio will embrace.

Tags: End, Great, Music

If I ever did cross over I would like to do it tactfully. I don't want to offend anyone in country. Can you have the best of both worlds? I sure like the idea of it!

Tags: Best, Country, Idea

It's almost scary how good things are right now. I've been engaged now for about a year, and it's the first time anything like that has happened to me.

Tags: Good, Time, Year

One time when somebody showed up in a wedding dress, but I never knew if it was a joke, or she was serious. She asked me to marry her. She was serious. It was pretty funny.

Tags: Funny, Time, Wedding

There are many people that struggle and struggle and have all the talent in the world, but for some reason they are not successful. You never know why those things happen.

Tags: Happen, Struggle, Successful

There are peaks and valleys in anything and that is especially true for the music business. It is very inconsistent. But if you are wise, you can let those downs really bring you to another level of your personality.

Tags: Business, Music, Wise

What is nice about country music today is that most artists are not trying to do something everybody else is doing. They really are trying to develop their own uniqueness.

Tags: Music, Nice, Today

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