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Claudia Christian's Quotes

Claudia Christian profile photo

Born: 1965-08-10
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Claudia Christian

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The busier you are, the more interesting you are. The more you're off doing your thing and loving your job and your life, that's fascinating.

Tags: Job, Life, Off

Actually ninety-nine percent of my acting has nothing to do sci-fi or fantasy, I consider it a good part of my acting, and enjoy the roles I play.

Tags: Acting, Enjoy, Good

Cooking is great, love is grand, but souffles fall and lovers come and go. But you can always depend on a book!

Tags: Book, Great, Love

Directors never give you anything.

Tags: Directors, Give

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Tags: Doubt, Everyone, Give

I really just dabble in music; I really just did a few albums for my fans.

Tags: Fans, Few, Music

I'm gonna be a character in a Happy Meal.

Tags: Character, Gonna, Happy

I'm more embarrassed about some of the films that I've been in than I am about Playboy. Playboy I'm actually quite proud of.

Tags: Actually, Proud, Quite

I'm too old to adapt to somebody else's ways.

Tags: Else, Old, Somebody

I'm used to working alone. Frankly with some of the actors I've worked with, I've felt like I was working alone.

Tags: Alone, Used, Working

I've auctioned off many scripts and will continue to do so for good causes.

Tags: Continue, Good, Off

I've been doing theatre since I was 5 years old.

Tags: Old, Since, Theatre

If I didn't have to do it, I wouldn't have done it. If I had a million bucks in the bank, I wouldn't have done Playboy.

Tags: Bank, Done, Million

It's great when you find somebody you're compatible with, but I'm really into separate bedrooms. You live your life and I live mine.

Tags: Great, Life, Somebody

Occasionally if you do something extraordinary, the crew responds with spontaneous applause, but that's very rare.

Tags: Applause, Crew, Rare

Sci-fi nerds are respectful, honorable. You can trust them.

Tags: Honorable, Nerds, Trust

The people who do the scoring and the music for movies are very talented, really special people.

Tags: Movies, Music, Special

You can't look in the face of adoration and be cruel.

Tags: Adoration, Cruel, Face

I think in the old days, films really went for the shock, with the blood and guts, but movies are getting better. The writing and directing have improved a lot, because the audience demands it.

Tags: Movies, Old, Writing

I wish everyone was a sci-fi geek because then there would be no violence in the world. There'd be no wars. There'd only be people e-mailing each other.

Tags: Everyone, Violence, Wish

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