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Never contract friendship with a man that is not better than thyself.

Tags: Friendship, Thyself  ✍ Author: Paulo Coelho

Until the contract is signed, nothing is real.

Tags: Real, Until  ✍ Author: Glenn Danzig

First of all, it was in my contract. I knew I would be directing an episode.

Tags: Directing, Knew  ✍ Author: Anthony Michael Hall

The youth of France do not want a new neo-liberal contract.

Tags: France, Youth  ✍ Author: Peter Hall

I was under the impression I had signed a three-year contract. I want to be back. I expect to be back. I will be back.

Tags: Expect, Impression  ✍ Author: Greg Maddux

I believe in libertarian options because they allow an interesting management of the capital and are based on co-operation, reciprocity, contract, federation.

Tags: Based, Management  ✍ Author: Michel Onfray

It's gonna be a lot of zeroes in that contract. You gonna think it's alphabet soup or something, all those zeroes in there.

Tags: Gonna, Soup  ✍ Author: Deion Sanders

First of all: no one in their right mind would sign an exclusive contract.

Tags: Mind, Sign  ✍ Author: Rob Walton

I've never signed any contract and never received a cent from Iraq.

Tags: Cent, Iraq  ✍ Author: Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Under my contract with Capitol, I have complete freedom to do just about anything I want in my own way.

Tags: Complete, Freedom  ✍ Author: Les Baxter

I've got a contract that keeps me around a few more years.

Tags: Few, Keeps  ✍ Author: Marc Cherry

I came close to signing Elvis Presley. I offered $25,000 for his contract and they asked for $45,000 and I just didn't have the other $20,000.

Tags: Asked, Close  ✍ Author: Thomas Erskine

A marriage contract to me is as binding as any in business, and I have always believed in sticking to an agreement.

Tags: Business, Marriage  ✍ Author: Paul Getty

The league, is doing well. It is just a matter of trying to sort some things out with my contract.

Tags: Matter, Trying  ✍ Author: Cobi Jones

I've never believed in tying myself up in a long-range contract, and I've been very outspoken on that subject.

Tags: Outspoken, Subject  ✍ Author: Sugar Ray Leonard

When I signed a contract, I was here to play 162 games.

Tags: Games, Here  ✍ Author: Eddie Murray

The oldest theory of contract is I think negative.

Tags: Negative, Theory  ✍ Author: Frederick Pollock

Dick Moss, my agent. Dick became my agent in 1979 when I signed my contract with the Houston Astros.

Tags: Agent, Houston  ✍ Author: Nolan Ryan

A futures contract is a derivative, but the futures exchange doesn't call them 'derivatives,' they call them 'futures.'

Tags: Call, Exchange  ✍ Author: Myron Scholes

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I did a lot of personal appearances because I was under contract to ABC.

Tags: Abc, Personal  ✍ Author: David Selby

If you sit down with me, I guarantee I will accept any terms you offer for a contract.

Tags: Accept, Sit  ✍ Author: David O. Selznick

And my rookie contract, my first rookie contract was for $5,000.

Tags: Rookie  ✍ Author: Don Shula

Technically, at this point we're no longer with the label; we've fulfilled our contract.

Tags: Longer, Point  ✍ Author: Peter Steele

If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I'd probably hang myself.

Tags: Hang, Tv  ✍ Author: Justin Theroux

If I hadn't had a childhood career, I probably would've signed a contract with the first person I came across.

Tags: Career, Childhood  ✍ Author: Shania Twain

Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation.

Tags: Hollywood, Place  ✍ Author: Walter Winchell

I'm hesitant anytime someone puts a contract in front of me that has two-year options.

Tags: Front, Someone  ✍ Author: Samuel Witwer