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David Duval's Quotes

David Duval profile photo

Born: 1971-11-09
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of David Duval

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I slowly continued to compensate for the physical problems I was having and ended up completely destroying my swing, my set-up, my posture. Everything was gone.

Tags: Gone, Physical, Problems

I was in the middle of the golf tournament trying to make birdies and I was just having a blast. So that probably qualifies as having a greater appreciation.

Tags: Golf, Greater, Trying

We might not make what athletes in other sports make, but we have greater longevity and we do have certain freedoms to do things they can't do. Like stay home one week and play the next week.

Tags: Home, Might, Sports

What I'm saying is that, unlike a lot of portrayals of me, I'm not hiding behind the sunglasses. I'm out there working. I'm not trying to sell anybody anything, but I do realize we're entertainers.

Tags: Saying, Trying, Working

You don't have to hit perfect shots all the time here. The variety of shots you get to play, the shots you sometimes have to hit along the ground, it's just a lot of fun to me.

Tags: Fun, Perfect, Time

I think about what I say. I don't give stock answers. I'm not trying to cultivate an image with the public, like several of the top players do.

Tags: Give, Public, Trying

And if people do like me, I think it's because I'm a stand-up guy.

Tags: Guy

At the U.S. Open, you're going to make bogeys.

Tags: Open

But just like I've always said when people complain about tee times, 'I just want a tee time. Just give me one so I can play.'

Tags: Give, Said, Time

But more than that, I wanted my wife and my family to see how I can actually play this game. They haven't seen me at my best, and I want them to.

Tags: Best, Family, Wife

But you know, I'm just not a quitter.

Tags: Quitter

Confidence is such a fragile and precious thing.

Tags: Confidence, Fragile, Precious

I know the other side. I know what awful golf is.

Tags: Awful, Golf, Side

I love competing.

Tags: Competing, Love

I may not look it when I'm playing, but I think I'm a fun guy to hang with when I'm relaxing.

Tags: Fun, May, Playing

I went to Q-school knowing that I could play well and get through.

Tags: Knowing

I'm content. I want to have better success in the tournaments than I've had, but I know I'm playing well, so I'm happy with that.

Tags: Happy, Playing, Success

I've just been working hard, trying to get some good stuff to come out.

Tags: Good, Hard, Trying

I've seen the bottom and I know the difference between good golf and bad golf.

Tags: Bad, Between, Good

It's a silly old game.

Tags: Game, Old, Silly
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Maybe that's some of the reason I feel so good today. Maybe I finally realised that it's just a game.

Tags: Game, Good, Today

The best way to explain it is that I'm not yearning anymore, on or off the course. I appreciate what I have. I feel like I'm blessed.

Tags: Best, Blessed, Off

The way I grew up playing, and the way most Americans have grown up, is that you hit the ball up in the air and then it stops where it lands.

Tags: Air, Hit, Playing

We're often portrayed as rich, spoiled athletes who play a game for too much money.

Tags: Game, Money, Rich

When I'm swinging well, nobody hits the golf ball any better than I do.

Tags: Ball, Golf, Nobody

You do what you need to if you're serious about playing great golf.

Tags: Great, Playing, Serious

You've got to make an effort on your own. Some people don't even try.

Tags: Effort, Try

I didn't do anything spectacular when I won the Open in 2001. I hit the ball good, not great. I putted good, not great, but I think I missed maybe two putts inside eight feet all week.

Tags: Good, Great, Week

I love hitting the ball, controlling the ball. And yeah, even the roar of the crowd. I enjoy the roar of the crowd probably less than some players and more than some. But I'm not out here to be a celebrity.

Tags: Enjoy, Here, Love

I realize what it means to be financially comfortable, and I want to be that. But I'm lucky enough to be in that position. And I'm also careful. I save 38 percent of my earnings after expenses, before taxes.

Tags: After, Enough, Means
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