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David Nail's Quotes

David Nail profile photo

Born: 1979-05-18
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of David Nail

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Any time I get to go home is a joyous occasion.

Tags: Home, Joyous, Time

I have learned from Twitter that you get that instant feedback about what people think about what you did.

Tags: Feedback, Instant, Learned

I love barbecue, it's my favorite thing to eat.

Tags: Eat, Favorite, Love

I really like singing, but coming from a small town like where I grew up, how do you start that journey?

Tags: Journey, Small, Start

I think anytime you get nominated for an award, it's a very humbling thing.

Tags: Anytime, Award, Humbling

I think every singer hears songs that make you want to sing them.

Tags: Sing, Singer, Songs

I'm a worrywart, so I'm always a bit more stressed out than I should be or wish I was.

Tags: Bit, Stressed, Wish

I'm obviously very involved with my own charity and foundation that I work with. Obviously, I'm very passionate about that.

Tags: Foundation, Involved, Work

Now just the thought of eating ice cream puts pounds on me.

Tags: Eating, Ice, Thought

Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something.

Tags: Media, Place, Social

Sometimes you get so jaded, you don't have those initial connections and emotions with music, because you are promoting your own.

Tags: Emotions, Music, Sometimes

The good Lord is amazing; He opens up doors. I was close to abandoning the dream, and He was like, 'Hey, slow down there, buddy.'

Tags: Amazing, Dream, Good

There are very few people that I deal with from a business side that it's just strictly a one-sided business relationship. I think that's important.

Tags: Business, Deal, Few

As a singer, I just want to try to honor what the writers create - and as someone who's trying to write songs, I just hope I can stand in their company and not embarrass myself.

Tags: Hope, Someone, Trying

As awesome as it is to be with a big act and get three catered meals a day and get a dressing room with an actual shower in it, it's hard sometimes as a new artist to come across in 25 minutes. You get 25 minutes to hopefully impress these people. I think the longer set is more suitable for us and gives us an opportunity to connect better.

Tags: Big, Hard, Sometimes

I decided I was just going to sing the type of songs I gravitated toward and inspired me and moved me. I was going to let the people whose job it was to decide what places to put it, and let them do that. I'll stick to the singing part.

Tags: Inspired, Job, Put

I naively thought I had to go door to door, find somebody who could record me singing some songs. I didn't know Music Row, I didn't know anything! So after six or seven months, I went back home and went to college.

Tags: Home, Music, Thought

I pay such close attention of the record making process that most people would assume are very little and wouldn't be that big of a deal; the packaging, the title, and the harmonies, I think, are arguably as important as the lead vocals.

Tags: Attention, Big, Making

I've never really gotten into the whole labels thing. There were times I would cover a pop song, and people would say 'You sound really country.' I gave up on that whole thing a long time ago.

Tags: Country, Time, Whole

It's hard to believe the life that 'Someone Like You' has taken on. It's proof that people hunger for great songs - and they are open to different interpretations of songs they love.

Tags: Great, Life, Love

My philosophy has always been that I hope I have a good enough day to give me another one, I hope that I have a good enough year to give me another year. I know that's cliched, but it's the truth in how I approach my career.

Tags: Good, Hope, Truth

Over the course of a day, you get to get a feel for where you're playing, so when you get out on stage, you already feel like you've had a bit of a bonding experience with them.

Tags: Bit, Experience, Playing

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