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Gymnastics Quotes

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I love watching gymnastics, swimming, and track and field.

Tags: Love, Watching  ✍ Author: Mia Hamm

I know gymnastics. It's always been a subjective appreciation.

Tags: Subjective  ✍ Author: Bela Karolyi

The Olympics shows the community what gymnastics is all about.

Tags: Community, Shows  ✍ Author: Bela Karolyi

The rest of the world laughed at American gymnastics before I came.

Tags: American, Rest  ✍ Author: Bela Karolyi

The U.N. bureaucracy has grown to elephantine proportions. Now that the Cold War is over, we are asking that elephant to do gymnastics.

Tags: Cold, War  ✍ Author: Madeleine Albright

Without the lessons I learned in gymnastics, I would be crushed.

Tags: Learned, Lessons  ✍ Author: Liang Chow

I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine.

Tags: Child, Injury  ✍ Author: Chris Christie

Of course, most people remember that I received the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics competition.

Tags: Perfect, Remember  ✍ Author: Nadia Comaneci

I feel there are tone singers, and there are more vocal gymnastics singers. And I think that's amazing when people can do that, but I think there's room for the tone singers. And there aren't a lot of them.

Tags: Amazing, Room  ✍ Author: Zooey Deschanel

With 'Django Unchained,' when you're dealing with slavery, it's like a gymnastics routine with the highest amount of difficulty. Quentin Tarantino is not going to do a movie that's just going to lay there and be safe. There's going to be twists and flips.

Tags: Movie, Routine  ✍ Author: Jamie Foxx

I started from zero and went back to the basics in gymnastics.

Tags: Started, Zero  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

My approach to gymnastics in Beijing was heavily based on the amount of difficulty I could do.

Tags: Approach, Based  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

People only see gymnastics on TV and in the Olympics at such an extreme. So it can be intimidating.

Tags: Extreme, Tv  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

I think about my goals. There were a lot of times in gymnastics when I really didn't want to go in and train, but you can't make it to the Olympics if you don't train!

Tags: Goals, Times  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about.

Tags: Movements, Timing  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

Gymnastics is so complex.

Tags: Complex  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

But, I couldn't live without creation gymnastics.

Tags: Creation  ✍ Author: Olga Korbut

I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits.

Tags: Growing, Splits  ✍ Author: Kristin Kreuk

When I go in to compete, whether it's gymnastics or anything else, I do my own thing. I compete with myself.

Tags: Else, Whether  ✍ Author: Shannon Miller

I want to bring more gymnastics on television.

Tags: Bring, Television  ✍ Author: Shannon Miller

I learned Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics and I have a trainer.

Tags: Learned, Trainer  ✍ Author: Ashley Scott

Chess is intellectual gymnastics.

Tags: Chess  ✍ Author: Wilhelm Steinitz

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I did gymnastics when I was a kid. I wasn't very good at it.

Tags: Good, Kid  ✍ Author: Lindsey Vonn

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