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Motivations are too tangled and complex.

Tags: Tangled  ✍ Author: Russell Banks

By object is meant some element in the complex whole that is defined in abstraction from the whole of which it is a distinction.

Tags: Object, Whole  ✍ Author: John Dewey

Some formulas are too complex and I don't want anything to do with them.

Tags: Formulas  ✍ Author: Bob Dylan

I love mysteries on television - the more psychologically complex, the better.

Tags: Love, Television  ✍ Author: Rebecca Eaton

I feel it's important to talk about the complex issues affecting us.

Tags: Issues, Talk  ✍ Author: Asghar Farhadi

There are people who look at the rules and find ways to structure around them. The more complex the rules, the more opportunities.

Tags: Rules, Ways  ✍ Author: Andrew Fastow

Bogging down large armies in historically complex, dangerous areas ends in disaster.

Tags: Dangerous, Large  ✍ Author: Chuck Hagel

Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.

Tags: Image, Thought  ✍ Author: David Ogilvy

I've always had a complex about being taken seriously.

Tags: Seriously, Taken  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Olsen

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.

Tags: Informed, Problems  ✍ Author: Laurence J. Peter

As American taxpayers know too well, the tax code is incredibly complex and compliance is all to expensive.

Tags: American, Tax  ✍ Author: Jim Ramstad

Islamophobia is a complex phenomenon.

Tags: Phenomenon  ✍ Author: Jonathan Sacks

It was a complex endeavor so without Robert Redford's constant support we wouldn't have gotten to the end.

Tags: End, Support  ✍ Author: Walter Salles

Abstraction brings the world into more complex, variable relations; it can extract beauty, alternative topographies, ugliness, and intense actualities from seeming nothingness.

Tags: Beauty, Intense  ✍ Author: Jerry Saltz

It's still not easy to find roles that offer more complex images of women.

Tags: Easy, Women  ✍ Author: Susan Sarandon

I don't admire Freud as much as some people do. Imagine Shakespeare being aware of the Oedipal complex when he wrote Hamlet. It would have been a disaster.

Tags: Admire, Imagine  ✍ Author: Nathalie Sarraute

However, very recently I have come to an understanding that complex music is not necessarily pleasant.

Tags: However, Music  ✍ Author: Nobuo Uematsu

We all have to let go of the Prince Charming complex and realize he doesn't necessarily exist in the package we assume he'll come in.

Tags: Exist, Realize  ✍ Author: Gabrielle Union

This country has a complex about age. It's unbelievable. If you're over thirty, you've had it in this country.

Tags: Age, Country  ✍ Author: Eli Wallach

Culture is not a biologically transmitted complex.

Tags: Culture  ✍ Author: Ruth Benedict

We're phenomenally blessed in the Walla Walla Valley. We have great, complex soil that's nutrient-rich but fairly porous.

Tags: Blessed, Great  ✍ Author: Drew Bledsoe

Life is too complex to compress into soundbites. Every situation is different.

Tags: Life, Situation  ✍ Author: Sarah Brightman

When I was young I had so many inferiority complexes. I had an inferiority complex because I didn't go to university. I had an inferiority complex because I didn't train. Then it gets tiring. And you do get bored of it.

Tags: Bored, Young  ✍ Author: Helena Bonham Carter

Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the workings of his heart?

Tags: Heart, Indeed  ✍ Author: Pablo Casals

The inferior complex is now extended to all Europe, save Nordics.

Tags: Europe, Save  ✍ Author: Emanuel Celler
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We live in a very complex world.

 ✍ Author: Vinton Cerf

To be complex does not mean to be fragmented. This is the paradox and the genius of our Canadian civilization.

Tags: Genius, Mean  ✍ Author: Adrienne Clarkson

An atmosphere of beliefs and conceptions has been formed by the labours and struggles of our forefathers, which enables us to breathe amid the various and complex circumstances of our life.

Tags: Beliefs, Life  ✍ Author: William Kingdon Clifford

Egypt is a large, complex, very important country.

Tags: Country, Large  ✍ Author: Hillary Clinton

I also think the relationship I have with my audience is a lot more complex than what Hitchcock seemed to want his to be - although I think he had more going on under the surface as well.

Tags: Audience, Surface  ✍ Author: David Cronenberg

I like poems that are complex.

Tags: Poems  ✍ Author: Peter Davison

The world is infinitely more complex than it appeared to me 15 years ago.

Tags: Infinitely  ✍ Author: Andrew Denton

Positive characterizations are complex characterizations. That's all we need to know. They shouldn't be saccharine. They shouldn't feel like medicine.

Tags: Medicine, Positive  ✍ Author: Ava DuVernay

The environment, what surrounds you, is so alive and delightful and complex.

Tags: Alive, Delightful  ✍ Author: Arne Duncan

Over the past decade, prescribing information has grown more and more complex, more and more dense and more difficult to negotiate.

Tags: Difficult, Past  ✍ Author: Elliott Erwitt

The opportunities I've had to play really complex characters - which haven't been a lot, but some - you never get over them.

Tags: Characters  ✍ Author: Sally Field

I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time.

Tags: Ego, Time  ✍ Author: Barry Gibb

Sexual harassment is complex, subtle, and highly subjective.

Tags: Sexual, Subtle  ✍ Author: Kathie Lee Gifford

Derivatives are a huge, complex issue.

Tags: Huge, Issue  ✍ Author: Judd Gregg

We are a complex species to observe.

Tags: Observe, Species  ✍ Author: Jasmine Guy

I understand that finance can be very complex.

Tags: Finance, Understand  ✍ Author: John Harrington

I searched so hard for a part that was so complex.

Tags: Hard  ✍ Author: Anne Heche

In a very complex way, things have improved in the dramatic field. Before you had the good and the bad and you couldn't mingle them. Now it's more ambiguous.

Tags: Bad, Good  ✍ Author: Isabelle Huppert

Gymnastics is so complex.

Tags: Gymnastics  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

The working classes were becoming more and more sharply aware of the complex causes of international malaise.

Tags: Becoming, Working  ✍ Author: Leon Jouhaux

The mother-daughter relationship is the most complex.

 ✍ Author: Wynonna Judd

Everything that we are making, we are making more and more complex.

Tags: Making  ✍ Author: Johnny Kelly

My stories are very compact. I want them to say the most complex things in the simplest way.

Tags: Compact, Stories  ✍ Author: Etgar Keret

I think you can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology then it's not a problem.

Tags: Problem, Tools  ✍ Author: Aaron Koblin

In some ways Lester Young is the most complex rhythmically of any musician. He does some things which are just phenomenal.

Tags: Ways, Young  ✍ Author: Lee Konitz

Chess is an infinitely complex game, which one can play in infinitely numerous and varied ways.

Tags: Game, Ways  ✍ Author: Vladimir Kramnik

Hip-hop isn't as complex as a woman is.

Tags: Woman  ✍ Author: Talib Kweli

Woman are complex creatures.

Tags: Creatures, Woman  ✍ Author: Talib Kweli

I think of myself as a storyteller, and that is it.

Tags: Manner, Writing  ✍ Author: Tanith Lee

Wars don't happen on battlefields; they go on happening in people's hearts for generations and generations, and the ecological damage is unfathomably complex and dire.

Tags: Happen, Happening  ✍ Author: Michael Leunig

In complex trains of thought signs are indispensable.

Tags: Signs, Thought  ✍ Author: George Henry Lewes

A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility.

Tags: Honesty, Humility  ✍ Author: Lawrence G. Lovasik

A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before.

Tags: Exists, Self  ✍ Author: Jean-Francois Lyotard

The process for awarding Nobel prizes is so complex that it cannot be corrupted.

Tags: Cannot, Process  ✍ Author: Rita Levi-Montalcini

The Japanese are great at inventing complex systems of rules, and not so great at explaining those rules to foreign visitors.

Tags: Great, Rules  ✍ Author: Barry Mann

You can't solve a problem as complex as inequality in one legal clause.

Tags: Legal, Problem  ✍ Author: Theresa May

Affirmitive action is extremely complex because it appears in many different forms.

Tags: Action, Appears  ✍ Author: Constance Baker Motley

Through my fiction, I make mainstream readers see the new Americans as complex human beings, not as just 'The Other.'

Tags: Fiction, Human  ✍ Author: Bharati Mukherjee

WordPress, it's a complex tool; it's like the back of a digital SLR... but that doesn't work on a phone.

Tags: Phone, Work  ✍ Author: Matt Mullenweg

One fine day I discovered that more complex plays really have to be directed.

Tags: Discovered, Fine  ✍ Author: Trevor Nunn

Suprisingly, one of the most complex pieces of code is the code to determine where a note is in the staff. Finale stores notes as relative scale positions in the current key.

Tags: Current, Key  ✍ Author: Kevin Patterson

Ours is a colourful and diversified world. It is also a complex one.

Tags: Ours  ✍ Author: Mike Pence

Climate change is a complex problem with no central lever, and with unequal distribution of resources.

Tags: Change, Problem  ✍ Author: Charley Pride

The politicians in this world... have at their command weapons of mass destruction far more complex than their own thinking processes.

Tags: Far, Thinking  ✍ Author: Charley Reese

A lot of the advertisement is done by saying: first of all, have a complex about who you are.

Tags: Done, Saying  ✍ Author: Isabella Rossellini

There's no question that photographs communicate more instantly and powerfully than words do, but if you want to communicate a complex concept clearly, you need words, too.

Tags: Question, Words  ✍ Author: Galen Rowell

All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected.

Tags: Living, Might  ✍ Author: Rudy Rucker

The government is fully capable of delivering services. Even complex services.

Tags: Capable, Government  ✍ Author: Donna Shalala

We shouldn't have politicians micromanaging this war because it is complex and unconventional.

Tags: War  ✍ Author: Bill Shuster

I'm an entertainer in the military-entertainment complex.

 ✍ Author: Bruce Sterling

I like analyzing human behavior. It's complex. That's what keeps me going.

Tags: Behavior, Human  ✍ Author: Julia Stiles

There are many true statements about complex topics that are too long to fit on a PowerPoint slide.

Tags: Fit, True  ✍ Author: Edward Tufte

The issues surrounding illegal immigration are wide-ranging and complex, but there is no question about the need to secure our borders.

Tags: Issues, Question  ✍ Author: Roger Wicker

The complex develops out of the simple.

Tags: Develops, Simple  ✍ Author: Colin Wilson
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