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Jack Kevorkian's Quotes

Jack Kevorkian profile photo

Born: 1928-05-28
Profession: Activist
Nation: American
Biography of Jack Kevorkian

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Five to six thousand people die every year waiting for organs, but nobody cares.

Tags: Die, Waiting, Year

I have no regrets, none whatsoever.

Tags: None, Regrets, Whatsoever

I would not want to live with a tube in my neck and not be able to move a finger. I wouldn't - that to me is not life.

Tags: Able, Life, Move

Rotten travesty. Yeah. Send me to jail for contempt. Try that. Go ahead.

Tags: Jail, Try

There's no doubt I expect to die in prison.

Tags: Die, Doubt, Expect

This could never be a crime in any society which deems himself enlightened.

Tags: Crime, Himself, Society

Yes, we need euthanasia, for certain cases where people are in comas or too immobile to even press a button.

Tags: Button, Press, Yes

You've gotta know what death is to know life!

Tags: Death, Gotta, Life

Everyone is going to die.

Tags: Die, Everyone

I am not a sentimental person.

Tags: Jail, Paint

I don't crave publicity, you know.

Tags: Crave, Publicity

I don't persuade to suicide.

Tags: Persuade

I gambled and I lost. I failed in securing my options for this choice for myself, but I succeeded in verifying the Dark Age is still with us.

Tags: Age, Dark, Lost

I have a natural right to do whatever I want with my body... as long as it doesn't affect anybody else or any other property.

Tags: Body, Else, Whatever

I knew I was getting into one of the most illegal things in the world. It was the right thing to do.

Tags: Getting, Illegal, Knew

I suppose, if helping a patient die is killing, I suppose I'm a killer.

Tags: Die, Helping, Patient

I think the Supreme Court does have the authority, which is not used, to declare a blanket right for all people, all adults.

Tags: Authority, Court, Used

I'm for absolute autonomy of the individual, and an adult, competent woman has absolute autonomy. It's her choice.

Tags: Choice, Her, Woman

I'm not a romantic.

Tags: Romantic

I'm not radical.

Tags: Radical

I'm not the kind of guy who has best friends.

Tags: Best, Friends, Guy

I've seen schizophrenics who are so hopeless, you couldn't cheer them, and their lives are miserable and they end up as suicides. That's not right.

Tags: End, Hopeless, Lives

If a man is terrified, it's up to me to dispel that terror.

Tags: Dispel, Terrified, Terror

If Christ can die in a barn, I think the death of a human in a van is not so bad.

Tags: Bad, Death, Human

Liberty means more to me than life itself.

Tags: Liberty, Life, Means

Look at the forces against me. They don't want me out. They're afraid I'll cause trouble if I get out.

Tags: Afraid, Against, Trouble
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Many support what I am doing.

Tags: Support

Maybe I won't stay out of prison. Who knows?

Tags: Knows, Stay, Won

My intent was to carry out my duty as a doctor, to end their suffering. Unfortunately, that entailed, in their cases, ending of the life.

Tags: End, Life, Suffering

My ultimate aim is to make euthanasia a positive experience.

Tags: Aim, Experience, Positive

None of them want to delay. Understand that. None of them.

Tags: Delay, None, Understand

Not one has shown an iota of fear of death. They want to end this agony.

Tags: Death, End, Fear

She made the decision that her existence had lost its meaning. And you cannot judge that.

Tags: Decision, Judge, Lost

The law doesn't create a right.

Tags: Create, Law

The law is cruel.

Tags: Cruel, Law

The patient decides when it's best to go.

Tags: Best, Decides, Patient

The single worst moment of my life... was the moment I was born.

Tags: Life, Moment, Single

The Supreme Court of the United States... has validated the Nazi method of execution in... concentration camps, starving them to death.

Tags: Court, Death, United

This is not a trial. This is a lynching. There is no law.

Tags: Law, Trial

We are all terminal.

Tags: Terminal

What I think a doctor should do is prevent disease, by any means necessary.

Tags: Doctor, Means, Necessary

When history looks back, it will prove what I'll die knowing.

Tags: Die, History, Knowing

You can cite me for contempt, Your Honor. I don't care.

Tags: Care, Contempt, Honor

I don't enjoy good food. I don't enjoy flashy cars. I don't care if I live in a dump. I don't enjoy good clothes. This is the best I've dressed in months.

Tags: Best, Food, Good

I will admit, like Socrates and Aristotle and Plato and some other philosophers, that there are instances where the death penalty would seem appropriate.

Tags: Admit, Death, Seem

First of all, do any of you here think it's a crime to help a suffering human end his agony? Any of you think it is? Say so right now. Well, then, what are we doing here?

Tags: End, Help, Human

I want some colleague to be free to come help me when I say the time has come. That's what I'm fighting for, me. Now that sounds selfish. And if it helps somebody else, so be it.

Tags: Help, Selfish, Time

I'm trying to knock the medical profession into accepting its responsibilities, and those responsibilities include assisting their patients with death.

Tags: Death, Medical, Trying

The Jews were gassed. Armenians were killed in every conceivable way... So the Holocaust doesn't interest me, see? They've had a lot of publicity, but they didn't suffer as much.

Tags: Interest, Jews, Suffer

The patient's autonomy always, always should be respected, even if it is absolutely contrary - the decision is contrary to best medical advice and what the physician wants.

Tags: Best, Decision, Medical

There is nothing anyone can do anyway. The public has no power. The government knows I'm not a criminal. The parole board knows I'm not a criminal. The judge knows I'm not a criminal.

Tags: Government, Judge, Power

All the big powers they've silenced me. So much for free speech and choice on this fundamental human right.

Tags: Big, Free, Human

The American people are sheep. They're comfortable, rich, working. It's like the Romans, they're happy with bread and their spectator sports. The Super Bowl means more to them than any right.

Tags: Happy, Sports, Working

Am I a criminal? The world knows I'm not a criminal. What are they trying to put me in jail for? You've lost common sense in this society because of religious fanaticism and dogma.

Tags: Lost, Society, Trying

As a medical doctor, it is my duty to evaluate the situation with as much data as I can gather and as much expertise as I have and as much experience as I have to determine whether or not the wish of the patient is medically justified.

Tags: Experience, Medical, Wish

When your conscience says law is immoral, don't follow it.

Tags: Conscience, Follow, Law

You're basing your laws and your whole outlook on natural life on mythology. It won't work. That's why you have all these problems in the world. Name them: India, Pakistan, Ireland. Name them-all these problems. They're all religious problems.

Tags: Life, Why, Work

If you don't have liberty and self-determination, you've got nothing, that's what this is what this country is built on. And this is the ultimate self-determination, when you determine how and when you're going to die when you're suffering.

Tags: Country, Die, Liberty

I'm not lying to myself like most people.

Tags: Lying

Let's hope you feel better now.

Tags: Hope

What are friends? Some people are nice. Some people aren't. There are some I'm fairly close with... we talk.

Tags: Friends, Nice, Talk

Freedom has a price. Most people aren't willing to pay it.

Tags: Freedom, Pay, Willing

I hate to say this, but I'll repeat it: After death, all we know that you do is stink.

Tags: After, Death, Hate

Listen, when you take my liberty away, you've taken away more-something more precious than life. I mean, what good is a life without liberty? Huh? None.

Tags: Good, Life, Mean

I always said all my life if I wasn't born and they gave me the question I'd say I don't want to be born.

Tags: Life, Question, Said

I didn't do this for other people; I did this for me. I fought for this right for me - does that sound selfish?

Tags: Fought, Selfish, Sound

What looks like enjoyment is the sneer of contempt. That's not a smile.

Tags: Enjoyment, Looks, Smile

Fear controls you.

Tags: Controls, Fear

How can you regret helping a suffering patient?

Tags: Patient, Regret, Suffering

I will go to what they call a court. Only they call it a court.

Tags: Call, Court

I'd find it demeaning to be cleaning toilets.

Tags: Cleaning, Demeaning, Toilets

My religion centers in different areas than what's considered conventional religion.

Tags: Areas, Considered, Religion

A transfer of money should never be involved in this profound situation. Although illness is profound, too, but medicine's a business today. It's a business.

Tags: Business, Money, Today

Anytime you interfere with a natural process, you're playing God. God determines what happens naturally. That means when a person's ill, he shouldn't go to a doctor because he's asking for interference with God's will. But of course, patients can't think that way.

Tags: God, Means, Playing

It's the boredom that kills you. You read until you're tired of that. You do crossword puzzles until you're tired of that. This is torture. This is mental torture.

Tags: Boredom, Tired, Until

Among doctors in general, I think more than half support what I'm doing.

Tags: General, Half, Support
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