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Jan Schakowsky's Quotes

Jan Schakowsky profile photo

Born: 1944-05-26
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Jan Schakowsky

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There is a lot that happens around the world we cannot control. We cannot stop earthquakes, we cannot prevent droughts, and we cannot prevent all conflict, but when we know where the hungry, the homeless and the sick exist, then we can help.

Tags: Cannot, Control, Help

As a Jew I cannot sit idle while genocidal atrocities continue to unfold in Darfur, Sudan.

Tags: Cannot, Sit, While

Each and every day health centers provide high-quality primary and preventive care to our constituents.

Tags: Care, Health, Preventive

The House Republican leadership has simply run out of ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Leadership, Republican

Three years into the war, tens of thousands of American troops remain targets of a growing Iraqi insurgency.

Tags: American, Three, War

And we've also had now the speaker of the Parliament in Iraq using blatantly anti-Semitic remarks, saying the Jews and sons of Jews are the problem of all the violence that's in Iraq.

Tags: Problem, Saying, Violence

As a first generation Jewish American, I have witnessed firsthand Jewish immigrants who have come to this Nation in order to create a better life for themselves, their families, and future generations.

Tags: American, Future, Life

As grateful as we are for all the work the community health centers do, it is also important that we recognize that they cannot solve the health care crisis facing our Nation by themselves.

Tags: Crisis, Health, Work

Because the Bush Administration will set no timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, both chambers of Congress acted to make sure our troops will not be left in Iraq indefinitely.

Tags: Both, Congress, Sure

Community health centers do a great deal with limited resources. They provide critical medical care services to many who would otherwise have no other place to go or would end up in an emergency room.

Tags: Great, Health, Medical

Handcuffing the ability of states and localities to develop clean fuels in the cheapest possible way, using local resources, is not sound or sensible policy.

Tags: Ability, Possible, Sensible

I was proud to witness American Jewish organizations found the Save Darfur Coalition in June 2004 to mobilize a coordinated interfaith response to the ongoing humanitarian disaster.

Tags: American, Found, Proud

In Illinois, community, migrant, homeless and public housing health centers operate 268 primary care sites and serve close to 1 million patients every year.

Tags: Care, Health, Year

Like other important immigrant communities, the Jewish experience in the United States represents the ideal of freedom and the promise and opportunity of America.

Tags: America, Experience, Freedom

Plan Colombia was supposed to reduce Colombia's cultivation and distribution of drugs by 50 percent, but 6 years and $4.7 billion later, the drug control results are meager at best.

Tags: Best, Control, Plan

Rather than proposing a forward-looking energy initiative, House Republicans continue to push Big Oil's tired old ideas, ideas that will do absolutely nothing to lower gas prices for the American consumer.

Tags: Energy, Old, Tired

Simply raising fuel economy standards for passenger cars and light trucks to 33 miles per gallon would eliminate our oil imports from the Persian Gulf.

Tags: Economy, Light, Simply

Since the birth of our Nation, no other right has been more important than having the ability to vote. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the denial of this right to minorities is a scar on our system of democracy.

Tags: Democracy, History, Vote

Through educational programming, Jewish American History Month will help raise the awareness of a people, their history and contributions. It will help combat anti-Semitism, a phenomenon that is on the rise and that unfortunately still exists in our Nation.

Tags: American, Help, History

We need a vibrant Medicaid program and strategies to expand affordable access to health care for all, especially for the specialty care services that community health centers do not provide.

Tags: Care, Community, Health

Well, I was a very strong opponent of the war, in fact, one of those who went door to door to my colleagues and thus achieved 60 percent of the Democrats voting no against this war.

Tags: Strong, Voting, War
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