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It is an honor to be awarded with such a high rating from an organization as well respected as the NAACP. I am pleased that the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the nation, has recognized my voting record.

Tags: Honor, Nation  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

The Democrats co-opted the credit for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But if you go back and look at the history, a larger percentage of Republicans voted for that than did Democrats. But a Democrat president signed it, so they co-opted credit for having passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Tags: History, Rights  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

Young Evangelicals, especially, are breaking ranks with older Evangelicals (over 40) and are more and more leaning towards voting Democratic.

Tags: Older, Young  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

Evangelical Christians, who once were a ridiculed irrelevant sectarian movement, have, over just three decades, become a powerful voting bloc that can no longer be ignored.

Tags: Become, Powerful  ✍ Author: Thomas Campion

Why do the people humiliate themselves by voting? I didn't vote because I have dignity. If I had closed my nose and voted for one of them, I would spit on my own face.

Tags: Vote, Why  ✍ Author: Oriana Fallaci

Well, my personal mission statement is that we want marriage equality in all 50 states. We want it not to be a state-by-state issue. We don't want it to be something the majority is voting on. I don't think the civil rights of any minority should be in the hands of any majority.

Tags: Equality, Marriage  ✍ Author: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

I always preach that you have to be active as a citizen no matter what, and some people just voting as an excuse not to do anything.

Tags: Excuse, Matter  ✍ Author: Lupe Fiasco

Thinking isn't agreeing or disagreeing. That's voting.

Tags: Agreeing, Thinking  ✍ Author: Robert Frost

In a well-functioning democracy, citizens have the option of voting their political masters out of office. Not so in most companies.

Tags: Democracy, Political  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki

Our DNA is as a consumer company - for that individual customer who's voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That's who we think about. And we think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it's not up to par, it's our fault, plain and simply.

Tags: Experience, Job  ✍ Author: Steve Jobs

We have seen voters denied their rights in recent elections as they have been incorrectly purged from lists, their absentee votes not counted, and voting machine integrity and security not assured.

Tags: Integrity, Rights  ✍ Author: Marcy Kaptur

Quite a few people have to believe something is normal before it becomes normal - a sort of 'voting' situation. But once the threshold is reached, then everyone demands to do whatever it is.

Tags: Everyone, Whatever  ✍ Author: Alan Kay

I won a dancing contest to get into wrestling. That involved fans voting.

Tags: Fans, Won  ✍ Author: Stacy Keibler

I don't vote. I don't do no voting.

Tags: Vote  ✍ Author: Kendrick Lamar

Its easy to view politicians as corrupt and voting essentially an act of picking the lesser of two evils. I understand that perspective and feel it's valid.

Tags: Easy, Understand  ✍ Author: Macklemore

As a citizen, you need to know how to be a part of it, how to express yourself - and not just by voting.

Tags: Express, Yourself  ✍ Author: Sandra Day O\'Connor

Something is clearly wrong with Kansas and the rest of Middle America when it comes to letting economic self-interest guide their voting.

Tags: America, Wrong  ✍ Author: Howell Raines

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.

Tags: American, Vote  ✍ Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Voting is like alchemy - taking an abstract value and breathing life into it.

Tags: Life, Value  ✍ Author: R. A. Salvatore

Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.

Tags: Another, Country  ✍ Author: R. A. Salvatore

Look at the declining television coverage. Look at the declining voting rate. Economics and economic news is what moves the country now, not politics.

Tags: Country, Politics  ✍ Author: Aimee Teegarden

Widespread use of online voting will create the potential for abuse that will make the problems inherent in e-voting pale in comparison.

Tags: Create, Problems  ✍ Author: Bob Barr

I will continue my consistent record of voting for lower taxes, less spending and fewer regulations to make our government more effective and efficient while upholding our Constitution.

Tags: Government, While  ✍ Author: Roscoe Bartlett

I'm totally down with insurrection in the street. I've had a great time with that over the years. Insurrection in the voting booth is the other part of the equation.

Tags: Great, Time  ✍ Author: Jello Biafra

In my lifetime, we've gone from Eisenhower to George W. Bush. We've gone from John F. Kennedy to Al Gore. If this is evolution, I believe that in twelve years, we'll be voting for plants.

Tags: Gone, Lifetime  ✍ Author: Lewis Black
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Touch screen voting is a fine thing so long as they have a voter-verified paper trail.

Tags: Fine, Touch  ✍ Author: Nina Blackwood

Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

Tags: Democracy, Sheep  ✍ Author: Jim Bouton

Every citizen of this country should be guaranteed that their vote matters, that their vote is counted, and that in the voting booth, their vote has a much weight as that of any CEO, any member of Congress, or any President.

Tags: Country, Vote  ✍ Author: Barbara Boxer

I am sure that every one of my colleagues - Democrat, Republican, and Independent - agrees with that statement. That in the voting booth, every one is equal.

Tags: Republican, Sure  ✍ Author: Barbara Boxer

The failure in Ohio to have adequate voting capacity for the people who were registered and eligible to vote was an absolute denial of their right to vote.

Tags: Failure, Vote  ✍ Author: Carol Moseley Braun

One thing I want to do is create something called Ring Around Congress. It would be a state deal and also a national thing, where the kids, as a field trip, will go and join hands around Congress and give the politicians report cards on how they're voting on hunger issues.

Tags: Give, Kids  ✍ Author: Jeff Bridges

Truth be told, except for foreign policy, Ron Paul's voting record and mine are virtually identical and I wear it as a badge of honor.

Tags: Honor, Truth  ✍ Author: Paul Broun

For our white members, voting is something they have done for hundreds of years. But for us, it is not such a traumatic thing, because we have never participated in an election.

Tags: Done, Election  ✍ Author: Mangosuthu Buthelezi

But the indisputable fact is, a huge percentage of Obama's voters are basically wards of the state. There are millions of them, and they have no intention of voting for anyone who might want them to ever go out and work for a living - 'no matter what.'

Tags: Living, Work  ✍ Author: Howie Carr

It's a complicated set of opinions that women bring to the voting booth.

Tags: Opinions, Women  ✍ Author: William Kingdon Clifford

Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.

Tags: Integrity, Moral  ✍ Author: Hillary Clinton

Elections have to have at least a little meaning. Obama ran on income tax hikes for the wealthy. People knew they were voting for that. They 'want' that. And it's good policy.

Tags: Good, Meaning  ✍ Author: Gail Collins

We are scheduled to meet this year fewer days than any Congress since at least 1948. And that is even before I was born. So far, we are in the 123rd day of this year, and yet we have only had 26 voting days in this body. That is a shame.

Tags: Far, Year  ✍ Author: Jim Cooper

If there is a nuclear tactic being used here, I submit it is the use of that obstruction where a willful minority blocks a bipartisan majority from voting on the President's judicial nominees.

Tags: Here, Used  ✍ Author: John Cornyn

I have consistently made it very clear that I will vote a straight Democratic ticket, just like I do every election. From the local Constable to the President, I will be voting for every Democrat on the ballot.

Tags: Election, Vote  ✍ Author: Henry Cuellar

Americans of our own time - minority and majority Americans alike - need the continued guidance that the Voting Rights Act provides. We have come a long way, but more needs to be done.

Tags: Done, Time  ✍ Author: Elijah Cummings

Tony Blair faced a massive defection from his own party ranks during voting around the intervention in Iraq. For our present purpose, the point is not that he survived the defection, but that he had to face it.

Tags: Point, Purpose  ✍ Author: Stockwell Day

We see people voting for bills that their ideals and principles are opposed to, but because their little funding project is in there, they're voting for it. We might say it's one percent of all spending but the impact of that spending is far greater.

Tags: Far, Might  ✍ Author: Sean Duffy

I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country.

Tags: Act, Country  ✍ Author: John Ensign

The act of voting by ordinary Iraqis in the face of extreme danger confirms President Bush's belief that people around the globe, when given a chance, will choose liberty and democracy over enslavement and tyranny.

Tags: Democracy, Liberty  ✍ Author: John Ensign

Well, I've been a Republican for all of my voting life.

Tags: Life, Republican  ✍ Author: Carly Fiorina

Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.

Tags: Government, Rights  ✍ Author: Larry Flynt

Eventually I foresee voting on the Internet, which will lead to much more direct democracy.

Tags: Democracy, Lead  ✍ Author: Dick Gephardt

If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.

Tags: Changed, Politics  ✍ Author: Emma Goldman

It is a sign of the times that the absence of meaningful ID requirements in many states leaves our voting process vulnerable to fraud and allows legal votes to be cancelled out by illegally cast ballots.

Tags: Legal, Times  ✍ Author: Virgil Goode

As a personal matter, I stopped voting more than a decade ago, on the grounds that it helped me as an analyst not to think about making a choice in the voting booth.

Tags: Choice, Matter  ✍ Author: Jeff Greenfield

In most places in the country, voting is looked upon as a right and a duty, but in Chicago it's a sport.

Tags: Country, Politics  ✍ Author: Dick Gregory

A functional media is as important to democratic freedom as voting.

Tags: Freedom, Media  ✍ Author: Bede Griffiths

Voting is a civic sacrament.

Tags: Civic, Politics  ✍ Author: Theodore Hesburgh

So that they can actually make it known to the American people before they vote what they're voting for.

Tags: American, Vote  ✍ Author: Benny Hill

It's absolutely absurd to even consider voting on Sunday alcohol sales. I am opposed to alcohol period. It doesn't do anybody any good in the long run. It's a dangerous drug.

Tags: Good, Sunday  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Hunter

On my travels around the world, I've met people in countries where democracy doesn't exist and if it does, they are intimidated into voting in a certain way.

Tags: Democracy, Exist  ✍ Author: Ross Kemp

No one questions the validity, the urgency, the essentiality of the Voting Rights Act.

Tags: Act, Rights  ✍ Author: Anthony Kennedy

Historically, the responsibility for voting on the debt limit has gone to the party in the majority.

Tags: Debt, Gone  ✍ Author: Jacob Lew

In the past the great majority of minority voters, in Ohio and other places that means African American voters, cast a large percentage of their votes during the early voting process.

Tags: Great, Past  ✍ Author: John Lewis

I have voted for a Republican for president ever since I was voting and since I was 18 years old.

Tags: Old, Since  ✍ Author: Joseph J. Lhota

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

Tags: Abolish, Changed  ✍ Author: Ken Livingstone

Yes, there are lots of individual exceptions. But no one has ever done a study about voting intention without ascertaining that the biggest determining factor is your income and your wealth.

Tags: Done, Study  ✍ Author: Ken Livingstone

I can make them voting machines sing Home Sweet Home.

Tags: Home, Sweet  ✍ Author: Earl Long

The increase in straight-ticket party voting in recent years means that competitive congressional races can tip one way or the other depending on the showing of the candidates at the top of the ticket.

Tags: Means, Party  ✍ Author: Thomas E. Mann

For many years I have advocated 'redesigning Parliament' in a variety of ways - elect the Senate, do away with the 'confidence convention,' permit freer voting, strengthen the role of back benchers and committees, do away with ineffectual 'take note' debates, restructure question period, and so on.

Tags: Away, Confidence  ✍ Author: Preston Manning

I think we need to start with Philadelphia and make sure that we actually get some election reform in Philadelphia. Actually, a recent election was thrown out by a federal judge because of corruption with the voting process in Philadelphia.

Tags: Corruption, Judge  ✍ Author: Patrick McHenry

Last month, the Iraqi people went to the polls, voting in their first free election in more than 50 years.

Tags: Free, Last  ✍ Author: John M. McHugh

American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age.

Tags: Age, American  ✍ Author: Marshall McLuhan

Parts of the Voting Rights Act are due to expire next year if Congress doesn't extend them, including the section that guarantees that voting rights will be protected by the federal government.

Tags: Government, Year  ✍ Author: Marty Meehan

There's a huge cost in being bipartisan, a tradition started by Newt Gingrich when he took over the House in 1994 and has continued forward, that you dare not vote against the Republican Party even if you're voting against your own initiatives and your own interests.

Tags: Forward, Vote  ✍ Author: Gwen Moore

We must continue to have voting rights in the state, not to politicize this, but they must have a voice in the rebuilding effort in the community from which they have been displaced.

Tags: Effort, State  ✍ Author: Marc Morial

Democrats in Louisville were led by Courier-Journal editor Henry Watterson and were implacably opposed to blacks voting.

Tags: Democrats, Editor  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

What gets lost is that the Republican Party has always been the party of civil rights and voting rights.

Tags: Lost, Rights  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

I think what happened during the Great Depression was that African Americans understood that Republicans championed citizenship and voting rights but they became impatient for economic emancipation.

Tags: Depression, Great  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

When it comes to voting rights, Democrats push voter protection while Republicans shout voter fraud in a crowded polling place. Democrats think anyone who can vote should vote; Republicans think everyone who should vote can vote.

Tags: Place, Vote  ✍ Author: Scott Pelley

Voting is a civic sacrament - the highest responsibility we have as Americans.

Tags: Civic, Highest  ✍ Author: Scott Pelley

You can bring your children under age 18 into the voting booth with you. Many families do so as a way to teach civic responsibility.

Tags: Age, Children  ✍ Author: Scott Pelley

Indeed, when all parties campaign effectively the overall effect is to push up voting rates, as you see in tight marginal seats or close general elections. That must be good for democracy.

Tags: Democracy, Good  ✍ Author: Lucy Powell

You ask people what their ethnicity is, and a lot of Scots-Irish people either don't know or if they know it they just don't acknowledge it. It's not something they really identify with. They're just plain old Americans, plain vanilla. I don't think they are a self-conscious voting bloc.

Tags: Ask, Old  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

I don't think everyone should vote. If you have to be dragged into the polls, carried into the polls and smelling salts have to be used, you probably shouldn't be voting. However, we shouldn't be putting up barriers to voting that target certain groups.

Tags: Everyone, Vote  ✍ Author: Mo Rocca

It's the concept of having a computer voting machine that bothers me, more so than the specific poor implementation that we have from Diebold.

Tags: Computer, Poor  ✍ Author: Avi Rubin

Many of the touted advantages of electronic voting can still be achieved with paper ballots if you use a computerized ballot marking scheme.

Tags: Achieved, Paper  ✍ Author: Avi Rubin

My position hasn't changed over the years. Which is that online voting is a very unsafe idea and a very bad idea and something I think no technological breakthrough I can foresee can ever change.

Tags: Bad, Change  ✍ Author: Avi Rubin

Well, I was a very strong opponent of the war, in fact, one of those who went door to door to my colleagues and thus achieved 60 percent of the Democrats voting no against this war.

Tags: Strong, War  ✍ Author: Jan Schakowsky

I think it's very clear that the American people are frustrated with this move toward socialism. And so whether you're back or white, if you believe that the conservative construct is in the best interest of our future, than you too would be voting with Republicans, and if you had the opportunity to run you'd join us as well.

Tags: Best, Future  ✍ Author: Tim Scott

From 1965 to 1967, my dad, Jack Gilligan, served in Congress and helped pass landmark laws like the Voting Rights Act.

Tags: Dad, Rights  ✍ Author: Kathleen Sebelius

Also in the new constitution, we want to lower the voting age from 20 years to 18 years and also gradually implement a voluntary military service in replacement of the current compulsory military service.

Tags: Age, Service  ✍ Author: Elisabeth Shue

It's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting.

Tags: Counting, Democracy  ✍ Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith

Oh no, the dead have risen and they're voting Republican.

Tags: Dead, Republican  ✍ Author: Yeardley Smith

Voting is the foundational act that breathes life into the principle of the consent of the governed.

Tags: Act, Life  ✍ Author: DeForest Soaries

Beyond that, states had to also have electronic voting machines that made it possible for people who are physically handicapped to vote in private... and the computerized voting machine made it very easy for, particularly, the blind.

Tags: Easy, Vote  ✍ Author: DeForest Soaries

I was the Secretary of State of New Jersey in November 2000. I paid careful attention to the challenges that stemmed from inadequate voting systems in various places.

Tags: Attention, State  ✍ Author: DeForest Soaries

We have no basis for having a recall of any particular type of voting equipment because there are no standards. And when we do have standards, even these standards are required to be voluntary.

Tags: Particular, Standards  ✍ Author: DeForest Soaries

Voting is fundamental in our democracy. It has yielded enormous returns.

Tags: Democracy, Returns  ✍ Author: Arlen Specter

President Bush remained undeterred by the massive display of American opposition, even though much of it came from the hundreds of thousands of voters who supported him by voting for Nader.

Tags: American, Him  ✍ Author: Jon Stewart

It's not the voting that's democracy; it's the counting.

Tags: Democracy, Government  ✍ Author: Tom Stoppard

We are not voting for health care if we do not resolve this language on public funding for abortion - no public funding for abortion.

Tags: Care, Health  ✍ Author: Bart Stupak

If U.S. national sovereignty continues, it is only as a state that Puerto Rico will have permanent 10th Amendment powers over its non-federal affairs, as well as voting power in Congress.

Tags: Power, State  ✍ Author: Dick Thornburgh

Internal self-government under a local constitution was authorized by Congress and approved by the residents in 1952, but federal law is supreme in Puerto Rico and residents do not have voting representation in the Congress.

Tags: Congress, Law  ✍ Author: Dick Thornburgh

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