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Kinda Quotes

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I like my guitars to be kinda worn. I don't like it when they're all shiny.

Tags: Guitars, Worn  ✍ Author: Vivian Campbell

I kinda live where I find myself.

 ✍ Author: Bob Dylan

I kinda see everyone as competition.

Tags: Everyone  ✍ Author: Janet Jackson

When you're the director, you kinda do all the work.

Tags: Director, Work  ✍ Author: Brett Ratner

I've been around a while. I kinda know these things.

Tags: While  ✍ Author: Larry Bird

I kinda like the idea of having an album that's all me.

Tags: Album, Idea  ✍ Author: J. Cole

I kinda wanted to play receiver more.

Tags: Receiver, Wanted  ✍ Author: Victor Cruz

I think I've always just been kinda geeky and got to play some mildly appealing roles.

Tags: Appealing, Roles  ✍ Author: Seth Green

I kinda go for the Jane Eyre type of film. I am fascinated by classics.

Tags: Fascinated, Film  ✍ Author: Tippi Hedren

We're just kinda surviving at a very comfortable level.

Tags: Level, Surviving  ✍ Author: Bruce Johnston

It's kinda all about image.

Tags: Image  ✍ Author: Bam Margera

It's hard to just kinda get some privacy and do your own thing.

Tags: Hard, Privacy  ✍ Author: Shaun White

I like The White Stripes and I like the kinda twang American thing right now.

Tags: American, White  ✍ Author: Ann Wilson

We all just kinda did everything we thought we were supposed to do and girls dated the guys they were supposed to and did things with the guys they were supposed to.

Tags: Guys, Thought  ✍ Author: Evan Rachel Wood

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