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I do so many roles, I can't be typecast.

Tags: Typecast  ✍ Author: Tommy Davidson

I love to play different roles. That's just the kind of actor I am.

Tags: Actor, Love  ✍ Author: Idris Elba

I look for struggle in the roles I choose - struggle and perseverance.

Tags: Choose, Struggle  ✍ Author: Vera Farmiga

There are times when I don't take roles because I don't want to be perceived a certain way.

Tags: Perceived, Times  ✍ Author: Harvey Fierstein

Therapy? I don't need that. The roles that I choose are my therapy.

Tags: Choose, Therapy  ✍ Author: Angelina Jolie

But it is not conscious strategy to go for unconventional roles.

Tags: Conscious, Strategy  ✍ Author: Anil Kapoor

I love roles where I have to transform myself.

Tags: Love, Transform  ✍ Author: Archie Panjabi

I have never been interested in specific roles.

Tags: Interested, Specific  ✍ Author: Estelle Parsons

There are not many roles where women are really active.

Tags: Active, Women  ✍ Author: Kathleen Quinlan

I get to do interesting roles and make a living.

Tags: Living  ✍ Author: Aidan Quinn

One of the most important roles of our journalists is to be watchdogs.

 ✍ Author: Dan Rather

I want to have roles in English.

Tags: English  ✍ Author: Paz Vega

If I only get to play Malaysian roles, there wouldn't be very many roles for me to play.

 ✍ Author: Michelle Yeoh

But when I think of superchicks, I think of the roles, not the variety.

Tags: Variety  ✍ Author: Adrienne Barbeau

Career is important, but nothing really supersedes my roles as a mother.

Tags: Career, Mother  ✍ Author: Halle Berry

As actors you're always going to take certain roles that are in your comfort zone and take ones that aren't.

Tags: Comfort, Zone  ✍ Author: Matt Bomer

I need to make sure that I'm taking roles that I feel like I can communicate through.

Tags: Sure, Taking  ✍ Author: Jennifer Carpenter

My job is to play many different roles with all sorts of different backgrounds and orientations.

Tags: Job  ✍ Author: Josh Charles

I would like more challenging roles. I definitely would like to something that's more challenging.

Tags: Definitely  ✍ Author: Morris Chestnut

I can't complain about the roles that have come my way.

Tags: Complain  ✍ Author: Jason Clarke

I'm kind of harsher than most people.

Tags: Career, Taking  ✍ Author: Jennifer Coolidge

I like roles that people don't recognize me in.

Tags: Recognize  ✍ Author: Penelope Cruz
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I've refused roles because they're too simplistic.

Tags: Refused, Simplistic  ✍ Author: Henry Czerny

I choose my roles carefully.

Tags: Carefully, Choose  ✍ Author: Catherine Deneuve

I like the way that different people recognise me for the roles I done.

Tags: Done, Recognise  ✍ Author: Casper Van Dien

I play a huge variety of roles.

Tags: Huge, Variety  ✍ Author: Casper Van Dien

I try to avoid typecasting by doing different roles.

Tags: Avoid, Try  ✍ Author: Michael Clarke Duncan

I know I'm responsible for not having got the kind of roles that I'd have liked to. '

Tags: Liked  ✍ Author: Peter Fonda

I think I've always just been kinda geeky and got to play some mildly appealing roles.

Tags: Appealing, Kinda  ✍ Author: Seth Green

I think my roles have been wonderfully varied. Not one has been racially stereotypical, and I have purposely chosen them like that.

Tags: Chosen, Varied  ✍ Author: Naomie Harris

I know at some point I would like to take on more dramatic roles.

Tags: Dramatic, Point  ✍ Author: Jon Heder

I like to disappear in my roles because I don't have an assistant.

Tags: Assistant, Disappear  ✍ Author: Taraji P. Henson

There just aren't that many Jesus roles around.

Tags: Jesus  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Hunter

I love doing roles and movies that are different from each other.

Tags: Love, Movies  ✍ Author: Josh Hutcherson

I choose roles that are not me.

Tags: Choose  ✍ Author: January Jones

I know acting is not impersonating, but I'm good with impressions. I can do impressions of people I know, and people I've been, and roles that I've acted before.

Tags: Acting, Good  ✍ Author: Jemima Kirke

I'm a warrior when it comes to pursuing roles.

Tags: Pursuing, Warrior  ✍ Author: Daniel Day-Lewis

Because I'm not perfect looking, I get to play better roles.

Tags: Looking, Perfect  ✍ Author: Juliette Lewis

When I do film, I really take on roles and I take on characters.

Tags: Characters, Film  ✍ Author: Meat Loaf

I'd like roles with more depth.

Tags: Depth  ✍ Author: Heather Locklear

I'd like to quit the supernatural roles and play just an interesting, down-to-earth person.

Tags: Quit  ✍ Author: Bela Lugosi

I want what's mine. I see other actors who are doing very interesting roles, and I just want to continue to do things that are interesting, and things that people will go see in theaters.

Tags: Continue, Mine  ✍ Author: Derek Luke

I don't really prepare for roles. I just kind of do them!

Tags: Prepare  ✍ Author: Heather Matarazzo

You go up for hundreds, thousands of roles, and you get told no, no, no, so many times.

Tags: Thousands, Times  ✍ Author: Chloe Grace Moretz

When I started off many years ago, I made a determination that there were certain roles I didn't want to play.

Tags: Off, Started  ✍ Author: Joe Morton

I think a lot of actors take on fun roles and then they're lazy or flippant with them. I just can't do that.

Tags: Fun, Lazy  ✍ Author: Guy Pearce

I was very willing to take on controversial roles that people didn't really want to look at.

Tags: Willing  ✍ Author: Rosie Perez

I had two roles for which I compromised.

 ✍ Author: Sidney Poitier

Now I am careful about the kind of roles that I do.

Tags: Careful  ✍ Author: Rajendra Prasad

All the roles are for boys. The girls' roles are either small or all the same. There's just nothing interesting.

Tags: Either, Small  ✍ Author: Christina Ricci

I want to constantly be surprising people with different roles.

Tags: Constantly, Surprising  ✍ Author: Emma Roberts

Certain roles are more challenging than others, but I haven't come across one yet that I can't tackle.

Tags: Across, Others  ✍ Author: Wesley Snipes

Women are responsible for creating their own roles.

Tags: Creating, Women  ✍ Author: Kathleen Turner

I have no desire to play most of the roles being offered.

Tags: Desire, Offered  ✍ Author: Kathleen Turner

I want to keep doing roles that are challenging and different.

Tags: Keep  ✍ Author: Mia Wasikowska

I've been honoured to portray such intelligent and sophisticated roles.

Tags: Honoured, Portray  ✍ Author: Mia Wasikowska

As an actress I take roles I find interesting.

Tags: Actress  ✍ Author: Emma Watson

I haven't only been offered Hasidic roles.

Tags: Offered  ✍ Author: Rachel Weisz

I'm an actor; I want to play roles, not a role.

Tags: Actor, Role  ✍ Author: Ed Westwick

I definitely would like to do some more dramatic roles.

Tags: Definitely, Dramatic  ✍ Author: Owen Wilson

I'll ask you if you can play some speaking roles.

Tags: Ask, Speaking  ✍ Author: Donald Wolfit
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