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Kristin Chenoweth's Quotes

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Born: 1968-07-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Kristin Chenoweth

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I auditioned for a solo in church and got it. I was about seven and I sang a song called, 'Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House' and I remember people standing up at the end and me thinking, 'Oh, I think I'm going to like this.' That's how it all began. Sounds funny to say you got your start in church, but I did.

Tags: End, Funny, Thinking

I just want to say, that if Jesus were alive, what would he be doing? Well, he would probably be accepting and loving people how they're made. And I always say this and it's really the truth. If being 4'11 was a sin, what would I do? Well, I could wear heels and I could add a wig.

Tags: Alive, Jesus, Truth

I used to want to be tall, and then I thought, 'If I were tall, then people would say I was pretty and not cute.' And then I realized that there are worse things than being called cute.

Tags: Pretty, Thought, Used

I want people to understand that there is a group of Christians out there who want to be more open and understanding and tolerant and loving of all kinds of people, even the people that don't believe in God at all.

Tags: God, Group, Understand

I was on the cheerleading squad and drama and the choir, but I was friends with everybody. I was not a partier. I was too Type A and crazy about my grades, but I was still there at everything.

Tags: Crazy, Everybody, Friends

Not everyone is going to like what you do or what you have to offer; however, if you can't see yourself doing anything else, and you have the drive and ambition, get the training and go for it.

Tags: Else, Training, Yourself

If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.

Tags: Happy, Love, Yourself

I don't understand what the big deal is with gay marriage. Get over it, people.

Tags: Gay, Marriage, Understand

As much as you can eat healthy, it's also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.

Tags: Healing, Healthy, Remember

I think it's important to remember that Christianity was based in love and tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance.

Tags: Acceptance, Love, Remember

I want to be a Christian like Christ - loving and accepting of other people.

Tags: Christ, Christian, Loving

I'm constantly learning, and that is the greatest gift of life in my opinion - to always be learning and growing.

Tags: Greatest, Learning, Life

Oatmeal tastes so good on its own, you don't even need to add sugar.

Tags: Add, Good, Sugar

I'm trying to learn, as I'm in my 40s, to embrace what I've been able to achieve and be proud of it. And I know there's roles that I will want to play before I die, but I'm still just taking one day at a time.

Tags: Die, Time, Trying

You've got to find ways to breathe while you're dancing so that when it comes time for you to stop and sing again, you have it. To prepare, I do a lot of aerobic activity. Many times at the gym, people will look at me because I'll be on the treadmill humming.

Tags: Again, Time, Times

A nice pair of Jimmy Choos never hurt anyone.

Tags: Anyone, Hurt, Nice

Apples, grapes... any kind of fruit gives me the energy I need to get through my busy day.

Tags: Busy, Energy, Fruit

I am a Christian and I don't want there to be any confusion about what I believe or who I am.

Tags: Christian, Confusion

I read my Bible and I pray and all of that. I really do. But at the same time, I don't think being gay is a sin. Period.

Tags: Gay, Read, Time

I was a spiritual kid.

Tags: Kid, Spiritual

I'm a wild lady. Not.

Tags: Lady, Wild

I'm finally dating. It's fun.

Tags: Dating, Finally, Fun

I've finally graduated from 'I don't give a hoot.'

Tags: Finally, Give, Graduated
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It's in God's hands.

Tags: God, Hands

There's a difference between making fun of something and having fun with something.

Tags: Between, Fun, Making

We are what we eat, so I eat as many veggies as I can!

Tags: Eat

Well, you know, people don't know me as a country artist and I am new to the genre. But that's how I grew up singing.

Tags: Artist, Country, Singing

You've got to find ways to breathe while you're dancing so that when it comes time for you to stop and sing again, you have it.

Tags: Again, Time, While

A lot of kids are bullied because of their sexuality, and that breaks my heart, because they're going to have to - high school's hard enough to overcome. Middle school is hard enough to overcome when we get out of it. They say life is what you spend your time getting over because of high school, you know what I mean?

Tags: Life, School, Time

And I do - make no mistake, I am a Christian and I believe in God, and I don't believe he makes mistakes. So I don't believe that being gay is not a sin, and in fact it's how you're made.

Tags: Gay, God, Mistakes

Broadway is such a diverse community. Everybody knows how I believe, and everyone believes, and it's not a big deal. But in Hollywood, if you talk about politics - especially if you're a Republican - or spirituality, it's just not something people want to hear about.

Tags: Big, Politics, Talk
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