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Legal System Quotes

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The Republican majority will stop at nothing to prevent access to the legal system for those who are hurt.

Tags: Hurt, Legal, Stop  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

Torture is such a slippery slope; as soon as you allow a society or any legal system to do that, almost instantly you get a situation where people are being tortured for very trivial reasons.

Tags: Legal, Situation, Society  ✍ Author: Iain Banks

My dream is to reform the legal system over the next 20 years.

Tags: Dream, Legal, Next  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

The right to a trial is a core principle of the American legal system. Depriving Americans of these essential liberties undermines the Constitution while doing nothing to strengthen our national security.

Tags: American, Legal, While  ✍ Author: John Garamendi

When I started law school I was shocked to learn that our legal system traditionally had the man as the head and master of the family. As late as the '70s and '80s when we were fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment, states like Louisiana still had a head and master law.

Tags: Family, Legal, School  ✍ Author: Patricia Ireland

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Legal System quote #2
Legal System quote #2
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