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Leven Rambin's Quotes

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Born: 1990-05-17
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Leven Rambin

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A lot of hard work has to go into your career, and preparation, and being your best at all times.

Tags: Best, Hard, Work

As a Christian, I think it's really important to find a man of God to trust and be supportive of me.

Tags: Christian, God, Trust

Everything is an experience. You learn something different from everything you do.

Tags: Experience, Learn

I like that New York sensibility where you can be edgy, but still super-glamorous.

Tags: Edgy, York

I was like, 'Whoa, I'm auditioning for 'Hunger Games?'' That's like my dream come true. That's like a Trekkie auditioning for 'Star Trek.'

Tags: Dream, Star, True

I'm not particularly fond of the Hamptons.

Tags: Fond, Hamptons

I've never been the wilting flower. I've never been the girl who's subservient to a man.

Tags: Flower, Girl

Why sit on your butt watching 'Jersey Shore' when you can learn to paint a beautiful picture?

Tags: Beautiful, Learn, Why

I did some pretty crazy stuff that I never thought I would do, for the sake of a movie, like surfing in eight-foot waves in pitch-black darkness, where I can't see anything. That still haunts me, kind of, in my nightmares, but it was worth it, it was fun.

Tags: Crazy, Fun, Thought

I feel a lot older than I am but at the same time I don't want to play too old on T.V. I still want to be young. I still want to be 20 and enjoy this period of my life where I still have that flexibility.

Tags: Enjoy, Life, Time

I'm at the age where I just want to experiment. You know, play a crime investigator one week, a pregnant girl one week, an angel of darkness another week. I don't want to define myself by any category, or age, or role.

Tags: Age, Another, Girl

I'm so fascinated by the concept of teen pregnancy for some reason. Not that I condone it or promote it, but it's just a very real thing in our country and culture.

Tags: Country, Real, Teen

If I had a crush on a guy, my tactic was to tell them I had a crush on them. And they always thought it was super-cute, so it usually worked in my favor!

Tags: Guy, Tell, Thought

It's been difficult to find roles that are independent, strong, and self-assured; I always say I can't play the princess. I'm not a pretty princess! I'm a tomboy.

Tags: Difficult, Pretty, Strong

So I always think it's important to allow someone to reveal themself. If you notice something about someone that you like, it could really tell you something about who they are during a time of trial. The truth will come out.

Tags: Someone, Time, Truth

When I was a kid, I was into psychological thrillers. When I was 12, my favorite movie was 'Thirteen.' I just really liked movies that showed an extreme range in acting. That's what made me want to become an actress.

Tags: Acting, Become, Movies

When you're connected to the ocean, you really don't think about what's going on with your email or texts or any of that. You're just a lot more liberated.

Tags: Connected, Liberated, Ocean
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