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Liam Gallagher's Quotes

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Born: 1972-09-21
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of Liam Gallagher

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The idea of sitting at home, not making music, just makes me want to throw up.

Tags: Home, Makes, Music

There's no rules. Show me the rule book.

Tags: Book, Rules, Show

I need them, need them to give me a kick up the arse. Otherwise I'd just be sat-in getting fat, counting me money. It's good people living on your doorstep and looking through your bins. Gives you energy.

Tags: Give, Good, Money

I don't know what any of my songs are about. I don't sit down to write about anything. They're about whatever you want. I don't pick subjects. I just start.

Tags: Start, Whatever, Write

You've seen one of the our gigs you've seen 'em all. But if you're into the music, you'll know that we played better the night before or we can play better.

Tags: Music, Night, Seen

I was walking along and this chair came flying past me, and another, and another, and I thought, man, is this gonna be a good night.

Tags: Good, Night, Past

Everyone knows that if you've got a brother, you're going to fight.

Tags: Brother, Everyone, Fight

Americans want grungy people, stabbing themselves in the head on stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on, they don't get it.

Tags: Head, Stage, Themselves

Discipline? I don't know the meaning of the word.

Tags: Discipline, Meaning, Word

It's about the music and that's it. I'm not an entertainer. But I do entertain people, see what I mean?

Tags: Entertain, Mean, Music

If I like something, I get it and I put it on.

Tags: Put

You've either got it or you haven't.

Tags: Either

Being a lad is what I'm about.

Tags: Lad

I am a tender, beautiful and loving guy that happens to slap a photographer now and then because they get in my way.

Tags: Beautiful, Guy, Happens

I didn't always want to be a dad.

Tags: Dad

I live for now, not for what happens after I die.

Tags: After, Die, Happens

I've got to be by trees, otherwise I get claustrophobic.

Tags: Otherwise, Trees

Not everyone can say, 'I'm going to write a classic today.' If that was the case, we'd all be doing it.

Tags: Everyone, Today, Write

I don't like jeans with holes in 'em. I like 'em faded.

Tags: Faded, Holes, Jeans

I find words really hard.

Tags: Hard, Words

I refuse to dance. And I can't dance anyway. I'm not in a band for that.

Tags: Anyway, Band, Dance

I want to be in the best band in the world again.

Tags: Again, Band, Best

I'll never have a stylist.

Tags: Stylist

I'm into the girls fancying me and stuff, mad for it.

Tags: Mad, Stuff

I'm not going around touring the U.S. when I've got nowhere to live.

Tags: Nowhere, Touring

I'm not looking for guidance.

Tags: Guidance, Looking
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Lennon was right. And we are bigger than Jesus. We will be as big as the Beatles, if not bigger.

Tags: Big, Bigger, Jesus

My favorite album would have to be something from The Beatles.

Tags: Album, Beatles, Favorite

New York is my favorite city in the world.

Tags: City, Favorite, York

She can't even chew gum and walk in a straight line, let alone write a book.

Tags: Alone, Book, Write

The tragedy of the civil rights movement is that just as it achieved the beginning of the end of racial segregation, white educated elites became swept up in the glamour of the sexual revolution.

Tags: Beginning, End, Revolution

To imply that religious believers have no right to engage moral questions in the public square or at the ballot is simply to establish a Reichian secularism as our state faith.

Tags: Faith, Moral, State

Mothers are the people who love us for no good reason. And those of us who are mothers know it's the most exquisite love of all.

Tags: Good, Love, Reason

Romantic lovers require from each other at least the facade of reason: We desire to be what romantic love makes us appear in the other's eyes. We want to imagine we are deserving of the love we inspire.

Tags: Eyes, Love, Romantic

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.

Tags: Good, Hard, Teacher

When governments become large, voters cannot exercise close oversight, otherwise known as political power.

Tags: Political, Politics, Power

No law can give or take away the choice to commit suicide.

Tags: Away, Give, Law

Charter schools have a far higher proportion of teachers who are not certified.

Tags: Far, Higher, Teachers

Black America knows better than anyone else the high price children pay for the sexual agendas of adults.

Tags: America, Black, Children

Democratic forms of government are vulnerable to mass prejudice, the so-called tyranny of the majority.

Tags: Democratic, Government, Tyranny

Europe, which gave us the idea of same-sex marriage, is a dying society, with birthrates 50 percent below replacement.

Tags: Idea, Marriage, Society

I am just an ordinary Catholic.

Tags: Catholic, Ordinary

Marketers are out there trying to figure out how to get your money out of your child.

Tags: Child, Money, Trying

Oregon is the only state in the union that facilitates suicide.

Tags: Oregon, State, Union

Same-sex marriage is not the future.

Tags: Future, Marriage

Whatever their defects, Christian fundamentalists have lived peacefully among us in America for several hundred years.

Tags: America, Christian, Whatever

When a marriage culture fails, sexual desire no longer unites; instead it fragments.

Tags: Culture, Desire, Marriage

Charter schools are public schools that operate, to a certain extent, outside the system. They have more control over their teachers, curriculum and resources. They also have less money than public schools.

Tags: Control, Less, Money

Children had a special status - protected from the outside world - and they dressed for the part in a way that made that special status immediately visible to themselves and the adults.

Tags: Children, Special, Themselves

For faithful Catholics, communion is not just a nice ritual: It is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate sign of our willingness to be incorporated into the church.

Tags: Faithful, Jesus, Nice

I regret the whole worlds that will never come into existence, the children, the grandchildren, all the human possibilities that never were and never will be.

Tags: Children, Human, Regret

In Europe, it appears that in the name of democracy, elites are pursuing an autocratic, centralized power, seeking economic control and social regimentation.

Tags: Control, Democracy, Power

In the '60s, parents were told to let their teens rebel, explore their boundaries. Increasingly the same message is being given to the parents of tweens.

Tags: Boundaries, Parents, Rebel

In today's world, marketers reach inside the home and attempt to figure out not what's good for your daughter, because that is not their business, but what deep desires they can manipulate, stimulate and ostensibly satisfy in order to produce cold, hard cash.

Tags: Business, Good, Home

Meanwhile, parents, students and teachers all report higher satisfaction with charter schools. People like them. They cost less money. They raise the academic achievement of poor kids. Go ahead, get a little enthused.

Tags: Money, Parents, Poor

The European Union, which is not directly responsible to voters, provides an irresistible opportunity for European elites to seize power in order to impose their own vision on a newly socially regimented Europe.

Tags: Power, Union, Vision

The strongest results were in Florida and Texas. In just one year in a Texas charter school, an average student gained 7 percentile points in math and 8 percentile points in reading, while Florida charter schools improved student performance by 6 percentile points.

Tags: School, While, Year
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