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Matthew Vaughn's Quotes

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Born: 1971-03-07
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of Matthew Vaughn

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You either ignore the comic book and make a great movie or you stay very close to the comic book.

Tags: Book, Great, Ignore

You need cliches. Cliches are what people respond to.

Tags: Cliches, Respond

Being a producer, I deal with a lot of different directors, and some of them would drive me insane with all the different histrionics, and the mystique that they carry.

Tags: Deal, Drive, Insane

I think there's a time in your life where you don't feel like you fit in. I think everyone has that when you're a teenager, especially, and especially in the society we live in.

Tags: Life, Teen, Time

You can't please everyone... If you make a good movie, that's all that matters.

Tags: Everyone, Good, Movie

And writing I think is a gift that you have, the same as acting, in a way.

Tags: Acting, Gift, Writing

Cliches are what make you understand something.

Tags: Cliches, Understand

Crime, money, power, drugs - are all linked.

Tags: Crime, Money, Power

I had a philosophy, which may have been proven right, that directing isn't as hard as everyone says it is.

Tags: Hard, May, Philosophy

I like doing as many special effects in camera, as much as possible.

Tags: Camera, Possible, Special

I like the idea of making big budget films with a heart. I like graphic novels more than comic books.

Tags: Big, Heart, Idea

I like the X-Men, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.

Tags: Otherwise

I think it's easier to make a film with 200 million dollars than 960 grand.

Tags: Dollars, Film, Million

I think movies glamorize violence, in the sense that they make it in a way that it's either cool or funny.

Tags: Cool, Funny, Movies

I think music is what takes the experience off the screen into your soul, into your head.

Tags: Experience, Music, Soul

I think you should make a movie that has an audience.

Tags: Audience, Movie

I will never sign anything which makes me have to do more than one film.

Tags: Film, Makes, Sign

I'll never be a good writer, and no chance of being a good actor.

Tags: Actor, Chance, Good

I'm a big believer that it doesn't matter what you call your company, nobody ever notices.

Tags: Big, Matter, Nobody

I'm a Star Wars fanatic.

Tags: Fanatic, Star, Wars

I'm as conservative as they come.

Tags: Empathize, Member, Minority

It's a juggernaut, yeah... but I'm not phased by making movies.

Tags: Making, Movies, Yeah

Music is half the film.

Tags: Film, Half, Music
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People just want to watch movies that are entertaining, it doesn't matter what genre it is.

Tags: Matter, Movies, Watch

So I am concerned about the amount of time we have to make it, cause it doesn't matter how much money you have, you can't create more time.

Tags: Matter, Money, Time

So I think I sometimes will put a cliche in and then just pad it out so you're not noticing.

Tags: Cliche, Put, Sometimes

Some people are directors and I think they should stay behind the camera.

Tags: Behind, Camera, Stay

What I learned very quickly is that if you get it right in the first two or three takes, it's not going to get that much better.

Tags: Learned, Takes, Three
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