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No two wars are identical.

Tags: Identical  ✍ Author: Kate Adie

The purpose of all wars, is peace.

Tags: Peace, Purpose  ✍ Author: Isaac Asimov

Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.

Tags: Peaceful, Poor  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

People do not make wars; governments do.

 ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

When the war of the giants is over the wars of the pygmies will begin.

Tags: Begin, War  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

Wars have always started over religion.

Tags: Religion, Started  ✍ Author: Glenn Danzig

America is addicted to wars of distraction.

Tags: Addicted, America  ✍ Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones.

Tags: Expensive, Follies  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin

Wars are not paid for in wartime, the bill comes later.

Tags: Later, Paid  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin

The dieting wars have got to stop.

Tags: Dieting, Stop  ✍ Author: Lady Gaga

I will always be an advocate in terms of wars of necessity. I am just much more cautious on wars of choice.

Tags: Choice, Necessity  ✍ Author: Robert M. Gates

Wars are caused by undefended wealth.

Tags: Caused, Wealth  ✍ Author: Ernest Hemingway

No one is pro-abortion.

Tags: Dumb, War  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

Wars generally do not resolve the problems for which they are fought and therefore... prove ultimately futile.

Tags: Problems, Prove  ✍ Author: Pope John Paul II

Are wars anything but the means whereby a nation is nourished, whereby it is strengthened, whereby it is buttressed?

Tags: Means, Nation  ✍ Author: Marquis de Sade

When you review the Central American wars or other Latin American wars, you find that there were dictators and there were insurgents.

Tags: American, Dictators  ✍ Author: Alvaro Uribe

I'm a Star Wars fanatic.

Tags: Fanatic, Star  ✍ Author: Matthew Vaughn

And, you see, we are living in a world in which all wars are wars of defense.

Tags: Defense, Living  ✍ Author: George Wald

The major wars that the U.S. became involved in are all ethically defensible.

Tags: Involved, Major  ✍ Author: Liu Xiaobo

For ultimately, the only way to win wars, is to prevent them occurring in the first place.

Tags: Place, Win  ✍ Author: Owen Arthur

Or region has suffered more than its share of wars.

Tags: Region, Share  ✍ Author: Sylvia Ashton-Warner

I don't go around trying to stir up foreign wars.

Tags: Foreign, Trying  ✍ Author: Conrad Black

I was a comic book nut and grew up on 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones.'

Tags: Book, Star  ✍ Author: Christian Borle

I'm not a 'Star Wars' geek.

Tags: Geek, Star  ✍ Author: Danny Boyle

I hate 'Mafia Wars'.

Tags: Hate, Mafia  ✍ Author: Nolan Bushnell
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The pertinent question: if Americans did not want these wars should they have been compelled to fight them?

Tags: Fight, Question  ✍ Author: Chris Chocola

Wars are begun by frightened men.

Tags: Frightened, Men  ✍ Author: Tom Clancy

Wars have ever been but another aristocratic mode of plundering and oppressing commerce.

Tags: Another, Commerce  ✍ Author: Richard Cobden

I'm sort of suspicious of most economic development projects, but the ones that encourage taxpayer-funded relocation bidding wars should be declared unconstitutional.

Tags: Economic, Encourage  ✍ Author: Gail Collins

If not me, who? And if not now, when?

Tags: Peace, Star  ✍ Author: Alison Gopnik

You know, the commander-in-chief's first responsibility is look out for those in uniform who fight the wars.

Tags: Fight, Uniform  ✍ Author: Lindsey Graham

Al Qaeda is alive and well in Libya, Iraq, Syria and the wars are not receding.

Tags: Alive, Iraq  ✍ Author: Lindsey Graham

I don't go to war for the adrenaline rush. I cover wars because that's what I've ended up doing.

Tags: Cover, War  ✍ Author: Tim Hetherington

I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars.

Tags: Eat, Forced  ✍ Author: Abbie Hoffman

It's taken a lot of presidents to get us where we are today, a lot of deployments, a lot of wars, a lot engagements. You add them all up.

Tags: Taken, Today  ✍ Author: Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Well, you know, we all grew up as 'Star Wars' fans.

Tags: Fans, Star  ✍ Author: Rian Johnson

For me, I feel like, between 'Tron' and 'Oblivion,' I've gotten to fulfill my 'Star Wars' fantasies, in a way.

Tags: Between, Star  ✍ Author: Joseph Kosinski

I am appalled by the notion of cultural wars.

Tags: Appalled, Cultural  ✍ Author: Jim Leach

I'll be pleased when I'm dead. That will let me off worrying about all these wars.

Tags: Dead, Off  ✍ Author: Doris Lessing

In the present imperialistic milieu there can be no wars of national self-defense.

Tags: National, Present  ✍ Author: Karl Liebknecht

I love doing the conventions and being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.'

Tags: Love, Star  ✍ Author: Daniel Logan

Great wars can only be fought by great powers.

Tags: Fought, Great  ✍ Author: Nelson Mandela

What is the Geneva Convention on wars! I have never read it.

Tags: Convention, Read  ✍ Author: Arizona Muse

If the world is disarmed, and remains disarmed, there will be no more world wars.

Tags: Disarmed, Remains  ✍ Author: George William Norris

Dictatorships start wars because they need external enemies to exert internal control over their own people.

Tags: Control, Start  ✍ Author: Richard Perle

Wars are made to make debt.

Tags: Debt  ✍ Author: Ezra Pound

All government wars are unjust.

Tags: Government, Unjust  ✍ Author: Murray Rothbard

Shootouts are not gunfights of honor, they're gang wars and racial riots.

Tags: Gang, Honor  ✍ Author: Jessica Savitch

Even without wars, life is dangerous.

Tags: Dangerous, Life  ✍ Author: Anne Sexton

But I'm not imaginative. I couldn't look into the future, like Star Wars or Robots or anything like that.

Tags: Future, Star  ✍ Author: Harry Dean Stanton

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