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Meg Ryan's Quotes

Meg Ryan profile photo

Born: 1961-11-19
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Meg Ryan

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I have a very good life, so I have nothing to complain about. Sometimes, I just have existential angst.

Tags: Good, Life, Sometimes

I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think it's just got a bad flue.

Tags: Bad, Dead, Heard

When I wear high heels I have a great vocabulary and I speak in paragraphs. I'm more eloquent. I plan to wear them more often.

Tags: Great, Often, Speak

People are always telling me that change is good. But all that means is that something you didn't want to happen has happened.

Tags: Change, Good, Happen

I think there's an ongoing effort involved in trying to get a bigger perspective, trying to let go of things that limit your capacity to love and be loved or your capacity to hear and to really speak.

Tags: Love, Speak, Trying

It would be really great if people would realize that stars are only people with the same weaknesses and flaws, not immaculate idols.

Tags: Great, Realize, Stars

Motherhood changed me because it is so fundamental what you're doing for another person. And you are able to do even though it takes a lot.

Tags: Able, Another, Though

What brings people down is the same thing over and over.

Tags: Brings

I don't think we realise just how fast we go until you stop for a minute and realise just how loud and how hectic your life is, and how easily distracted you can get.

Tags: Life, Stop, Until

A l lot of films I've done are essentially about women who are finding their voice, women who don't know themselves well.

Tags: Done, Themselves, Women

Acting is what I do. It's not what I solely define myself as.

Tags: Acting, Define, Solely

And the insidious thing is that people will either see a movie because it did well last weekend or won't see it because it didn't do well.

Tags: Last, Movie, Won

And who cares, five years down the road, what most movies made or didn't make? If it's good, it stands up.

Tags: Good, Movies, Road

Clearly romantic comedy is my franchise genre, I don't mind saying that, it's true. I love doing them and hopefully always will do them.

Tags: Love, Mind, Romantic

I don't feel particularly typecast because I think I do so many different kinds of things. Whether they're seen or not is another issue.

Tags: Another, Seen, Whether

I wouldn't have thought of myself as a person who could guide anybody and then it turned out that I can.

Tags: Anybody, Guide, Thought

I'm a sucker for a funny script. And then, as soon as I don't wanna be, one comes along and grabs me.

Tags: Along, Funny, Soon

I've been in this business for years and I'm still befuddled by the ways of this town.

Tags: Business, Town, Ways

It was not a healthy marriage for long time. It was never about another man, it was about what my and Dennis's relationship could not sustain.

Tags: Another, Marriage, Time

My family responsibilities don't conflict with my career. Not at all.

Tags: Career, Conflict, Family

Neither of us, me nor Dennis, is cavalier about a breakup. We both behaved very honorably.

Tags: Both, Neither, Nor

The best thing about modern living is anaesthesia.

Tags: Best, Living, Modern

I don't think I'll ever be a producer who's into taking the meetings and fighting the big fights with studios. I really don't like that part. I'm much more interested in the material.

Tags: Big, Fighting, Interested
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