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Mindy Cohn's Quotes

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Born: 1966-05-20
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Mindy Cohn

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So that's my philosophy: If you believe in yourself, the chances and the opportunities will come around.

Tags: Chances, Philosophy, Yourself

More teenagers go to movies or rent a tape of a movie than sit down and watch sitcoms on television.

Tags: Movie, Movies, Television

The producers probably won't like this, but I always describe her as Peppermint Patty on acid.

Tags: Describe, Her, Won

You know you have more to offer, and it gets frustrating when you aren't given the chance.

Tags: Chance, Offer

You're grateful and appreciative that people liked you and remember you.

Tags: Grateful, Liked, Remember
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Mindy Cohn's quote #2
Mindy Cohn's quote #2
Mindy Cohn's quote #2
Mindy Cohn's quote #2
Mindy Cohn's quote #2
Mindy Cohn's quote #2
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