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Natalia Vodianova's Quotes

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Born: 1982-02-28
Profession: Model
Nation: Russian
Biography of Natalia Vodianova

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I love Yves Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli and Givenchy, and I get given quite a lot, but perhaps nothing is as wonderful as the white fake leather trench coat I got when I was 15.

Tags: Fake, Love, Wonderful

I raised my sister. I was six when she was born. My mother had to make a living for herself and it was very hard, so I was looking after my sister, cooking and cleaning, and she had four jobs.

Tags: Hard, Living, Mother

Because of my childhood where I was constantly by myself, I always feel lonely. I have a lot of people that I absolutely love and I know love me but I can't get rid of that feeling of loneliness no matter who I'm with - even with my children.

Tags: Loneliness, Lonely, Love

I learnt early to have little expectation so I protected myself from ever feeling greatly disappointed.

Tags: Early, Feeling, Greatly

When you are at the bottom, you find beauty in such little things, and goodness in such little gestures. When I compare any struggle today to ones that I may have had in my childhood, there is nothing that can bring me down.

Tags: Beauty, Struggle, Today

As a child I really didn't like men at all, in fact.

Tags: Child, Fact, Men

Before I left Russia in 1999, I was living in a very poor factory town with my family and friends, and nothing was ever going to change.

Tags: Change, Family, Friends

Finding out I was pretty was a very nice realisation.

Tags: Finding, Nice, Pretty

I believe in reincarnation of the soul.

Tags: Soul

I completely admire my mother for raising a child with cerebral palsy at home.

Tags: Child, Home, Mother

I don't mind being called 'Supernova.' If one nickname is going to stick, that's not a bad one!

Tags: Bad, Mind, Stick

I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about.

Tags: Care, Family, Money

I know what it's like not to have food in the fridge or money to buy more.

Tags: Buy, Food, Money

I missed quite a lot of school because I was working from the age of 11.

Tags: Age, School, Working

I think protecting your family and giving to them is so important. It's the most important achievement.

Tags: Family, Giving, Protecting

I was born in Nizhny Novgorod to a very poor family and unfortunately my father and mother separated when I was very little.

Tags: Family, Father, Mother

If you are ambitious you can have a moment of glory but it will most likely be temporary. But talent always finds its way out.

Tags: Glory, Moment, Talent

If you never know hardship, you can't really support people around you.

Tags: Hardship, Support

It's better to be skinny than to be fat.

Tags: Fat, Skinny

Moscow is a huge inspiration for me. I love what I find here, I love being here.

Tags: Here, Love, Moscow

My appearance gave me access to a particular kind of world and I'm really grateful for it.

Tags: Appearance, Gave, Grateful

My childhood gave me resilience - and there's little that can surprise me in life.

Tags: Childhood, Life, Surprise

The people that live in my hometown do not walk along the street with smiles on their faces. It is a desperate place, but I got out.

Tags: Desperate, Place, Walk
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We all have our own purpose in life and I feel very strongly that I have a bigger purpose than giving to just my immediate family and friends.

Tags: Family, Giving, Life

When I remember my life in Russia it is in totally dark colours.

Tags: Dark, Life, Remember

When you become a mother, you think less about yourself and care more about the world.

Tags: Care, Mother, Yourself

I live a very different life now, with incredible privileges, but looking back I realise that growing up in Russia gave me tools that other people don't necessarily have - such as the will to push that bit further, to make things happen, to succeed.

Tags: Happen, Life, Succeed