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Orchestra Quotes

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Sometimes there is a 36-piece orchestra going off in my stomach.

Tags: Off, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Willie Nelson

Eventually we want to do a puppet musical with turntables in the orchestra pit.

Tags: Eventually, Musical  ✍ Author: Paul Samuelson

To me, the piano in itself is an orchestra.

Tags: Piano  ✍ Author: Cecil Taylor

How could you have a soccer team if all were goalkeepers? How would it be an orchestra if all were French horns?

Tags: Soccer, Team  ✍ Author: Desmond Tutu

When I want 30 musicians in the orchestra, I get 30.

Tags: Musicians  ✍ Author: Les Baxter

I'm not interested in having an orchestra sound like itself. I want it to sound like the composer.

Tags: Interested, Sound  ✍ Author: Leonard Bernstein

It's like a whole orchestra, the piano for me.

Tags: Piano, Whole  ✍ Author: Dave Brubeck

The Chicago Symphony is considered the greatest orchestra in the world.

Tags: Chicago, Greatest  ✍ Author: Jane Byrne

With an orchestra you are building citizens, better citizens for the community.

Tags: Building, Community  ✍ Author: Gustavo Dudamel

Pardon me for loitering in front of an orchestra.

Tags: Front, Pardon  ✍ Author: John Goodman

There is no relationship between the gestures and what an orchestra will do.

Tags: Between, Gestures  ✍ Author: James Levine

I grew up in an era where an orchestra was like a treasure chest.

Tags: Era, Treasure  ✍ Author: James Levine

I think this orchestra's strengths involve drama and voice.

Tags: Drama, Voice  ✍ Author: James Levine

Show me an orchestra that likes its conductor and I'll show you a lousy conductor.

Tags: Likes, Show  ✍ Author: Goddard Lieberson

The first nine albums there was never a Synthesiser, never any Orchestra. There was never any other player except us on the albums.

Tags: Except, Player  ✍ Author: Brian May

I never use a score when conducting my orchestra. Does a lion tamer enter a cage with a book on how to tame a lion?

Tags: Book, Lion  ✍ Author: Dimitri Mitropoulos

Only the French, I guess, really use tenor and alto to any great extent in the orchestra.

Tags: Great, Guess  ✍ Author: Gerry Mulligan

The other saxophones, except as solo instruments, really don't have much point in the orchestra.

Tags: Except, Point  ✍ Author: Gerry Mulligan

The Russian composers, especially, tricked the symphony orchestra into the kind of dynamic, rhythmic thing.

Tags: Composers, Russian  ✍ Author: Gerry Mulligan

In or orchestra we have many nationalities, types, and temperaments.

Tags: Types  ✍ Author: Artur Rodzinski

You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it.

Tags: Alone, Takes  ✍ Author: Navjot Singh Sidhu

There's not an orchestra in the world that doesn't have weaknesses. None of us can play everything well. The repertoire is just too big.

Tags: Big, Weaknesses  ✍ Author: Leonard Slatkin

Conductors must give unmistakable and suggestive signals to the orchestra - not choreography to the audience.

Tags: Audience, Give  ✍ Author: George Szell

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