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Richard Hatch's Quotes

Richard Hatch profile photo

Born: 1946-05-21
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Richard Hatch

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I happen to be one of those rare actors that actually loves very intelligent and well-acted science fiction.

Tags: Actually, Happen, Science

I love inspiring people and helping them to reach their potential.

Tags: Love, Potential, Reach

I love Tennessee Williams pieces; they are so poetic and I love period pieces.

Tags: Love, Period, Pieces

It's rare to get a really truly wonderfully written, acted and produced sci-fi show, period.

Tags: Show, Truly, Written

Sci-fi conventions are probably the most fun, the most out-of-the-box, entertaining week or weekend you've ever had in your life.

Tags: Fun, Life, Week

Some of the most amazing human beings on the face of the planet go to sci-fi conventions, although I'm sure a few of them wouldn't admit it.

Tags: Amazing, Few, Human

Whatever you determine to be true in the subconscious becomes true for you.

Tags: Determine, True, Whatever

When you meet someone with a vision, you have to give them a shot and an opportunity to see what they can do.

Tags: Give, Someone, Vision

I am looking for a character that connects to me on some level. It has to be about something, it has to have depth to it and it has to be about something. The story of the character and their relationship with the people and places around them appeal to me and are what I look for.

Tags: Character, Looking, Story

I know from personal experience how fear and low self worth can cripple one's ability to succeed in life. But with a little support, caring and inspiration, miracles can happen.

Tags: Experience, Fear, Life

I love revolutionaries who have the courage to stand up against the status quo. They're always misunderstood, but they're the ones who are standing up for human rights.

Tags: Courage, Human, Love

Programmers and marketing people know how to get into your subconscious - they spend millions of dollars researching colors, shapes, designs, symbols, that affect your preferences, and they can make you feel warm, trusting, like buying. They can manipulate you.

Tags: Colors, Marketing, Spend

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