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Robber Quotes

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The right of a nation to kill a tyrant in case of necessity can no more be doubted than to hang a robber, or kill a flea.

Tags: Nation, Necessity, Tyrant  ✍ Author: John Adams

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

Tags: Absence, Government, Justice  ✍ Author: Isaac Asimov

Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.

Tags: Deadly, Hit, Politics  ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.

Tags: Law, Men, Time  ✍ Author: Napoleon Bonaparte

It's a family that's loaded with grudges and passion. We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy, you know. Killers, even.

Tags: Family, Line, Passion  ✍ Author: John Cage

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