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Robin Quivers's Quotes

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Born: 1952-08-08
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Robin Quivers

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An apology might help, but you can change your life without one.

Tags: Change, Help, Life

So the point is, I don't have a right to tell anybody what's right or wrong about their lives. Who am I to tell you at any given moment of the day what would be right for you?

Tags: Moment, Tell, Wrong

If Thomas Jefferson had heard us, he probably would have said, 'We shouldn't have free speech.'

Tags: Free, Said, Speech

When you go out on a limb, that's when you really know you're living.

Tags: Limb, Living

I'm nutty for nutrition. I've become one of those people who can't stop talking about the connection between food and health. Now that I know how much changing what you eat can transform your life, I can't stop proselytizing.

Tags: Food, Health, Life

Too many people don't do things for fear of falling. You'll never get good unless you fall. Experiences and new accomplishments are feelings we should never lose.

Tags: Fear, Feelings, Good

Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do.

Tags: Ability, Amazing, Body

I think I have some interesting things to say and I don't think anybody out there is saying them.

Tags: Anybody, Saying

I was 11 when I was molested. It was like a nuclear explosion going off in my life, destroying everything.

Tags: Life, Nuclear, Off

So you start one person at a time. Change one person, you can change a village.

Tags: Change, Start, Time

I keep wondering how to explain the experience of child abuse from the inside. I'm going to try to explain what my world was like when I was sexually abused. The thing you have to remember is that this was the thinking of a child.

Tags: Experience, Remember, Thinking

It's sad that women characters have lost so much ground in popular movies. Didn't 'Thelma and Louise' prove that women want to see women doing things on film? Thelma and Louise were in a classic car; they were being chased by cops; they shot up a truck - and women loved it.

Tags: Movies, Sad, Women

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