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Royal Quotes

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There are many reasons for the decline in royal esteem. One is that so many of the royals are thick.

Tags: Reasons, Thick  ✍ Author: Alastair Campbell

They are not royal. They just happen to have me as their aunt.

Tags: Aunt, Happen  ✍ Author: Queen Elizabeth II

I don't have a saviour or a royal family.

Tags: Family, Saviour  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

I couldn't be a royal. It's like living in a supersonic goldfish bowl.

Tags: Bowl, Living  ✍ Author: Ozzy Osbourne

I'm a royal pain in the behind.

Tags: Behind, Pain  ✍ Author: Cristina Saralegui

I praise the Lord, the Sovereign of the royal realm, Who has extended his sway over the tract of the world.

Tags: Lord, Praise  ✍ Author: Gay Talese

Economists, like royal children, are not punished for their errors.

Tags: Children, Errors  ✍ Author: James Buchan

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and CSIS have provided extraordinary co-operation, as I mentioned earlier.

Tags: Police, Provided  ✍ Author: Paul Cellucci

Winning the Royal Rumble is as big an accomplishment as anything.

Tags: Big, Winning  ✍ Author: John Cena

There are heads of royal families who control hereditary fortunes that defy comprehension.

Tags: Control, Families  ✍ Author: Paul Getty

The colonies had little occasion to feel or to resent direct royal prerogative.

Tags: Colonies, Direct  ✍ Author: Albert Bushnell Hart

A goose flies by a chart which the Royal Geographical Society could not mend.

Tags: Flies, Society  ✍ Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes

I hated the royal wedding.

Tags: Hated, Wedding  ✍ Author: Steven Patrick Morrissey

I'm not an anarchist, but I believe that people don't want the royal family - the so-called royal family.

Tags: Anarchist, Family  ✍ Author: Steven Patrick Morrissey

I'm not a royal family watcher.

Tags: Family  ✍ Author: Bill Nighy

It is an honour to fight at the Royal Albert Hall.

Tags: Fight, Honour  ✍ Author: Billy Joe Saunders

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