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Sandra Bernhard's Quotes

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Born: 1955-06-06
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Sandra Bernhard

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When you're constantly looking for things from other people, you're not looking within yourself.

Tags: Looking, Within, Yourself

When you're watching the news, how many days in a row can you watch that and feel good about yourself and the world?

Tags: Days, Good, Yourself

There are so few women in general who aren't completely threatened and confused by other women's success. It's very disappointing.

Tags: Confused, Success, Women

At some point, the pride has to be a part of the whole day-to-day oeuvre. It's part of who you are and doesn't need to be discussed anymore.

Tags: Point, Pride, Whole

Everybody has their own way of tapping into their realness.

Tags: Everybody, Realness, Tapping

I can't tell you 100 percent what makes a relationship work. But I can see something good coming and I can see something bad coming.

Tags: Bad, Good, Work

I don't believe in karma.

Tags: Karma

That disturbs people when they know they didn't have the guts or integrity to stick to their dreams.

Tags: Dreams, Guts, Integrity

The real terrorist threats are George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs.

Tags: Band, Real, Terrorist

Anything that has cynicism to it and that's jaded is smutty.

Tags: Cynicism, Jaded

Gayness is a non-issue.

Tags: Bad, Consider, Jokes

I don't like surgery. I don't like elective surgery, I don't like surgery that you have to have.

Tags: Elective, Surgery

I like the energy of live performance.

Tags: Energy

I really have a problem with any kind of drug, I always have.

Tags: Problem

I really, really love Hilary Clinton. I think she's very cool. She's out there and she's involved.

Tags: Cool, Love, She

I think I've drawn from some of the most feminine women, like Jackie Kennedy. I am totally devastated that she's gone. She had it all.

Tags: Gone, She, Women

I'm studying Kabbalah, which is really the essence of Jewish spirituality.

Tags: Essence, Jewish, Studying

I'm sure that Jesus was an incredible person.

Tags: Incredible, Jesus, Sure

I'm trying to appeal to the disenfranchised everybody, not just specifically gay.

Tags: Everybody, Gay, Trying

I'm very much a humanist. I'm very much pro-choice. I'm very much politically correct.

Tags: Correct, Humanist

I'm very much an optimist. I don't think I could do my work if I didn't believe there was some kind of hope for humanity.

Tags: Hope, Humanity, Work

I've become this sort of icon for the gay community. I don't like the position.

Tags: Become, Community, Gay

Smut, if it's really smut, there's nothing backing it up. It's the easy way out.

Tags: Backing, Easy

There are few performers who would have had the audacity to even bring up the fact that they had been poorly reviewed.

Tags: Bring, Fact, Few

Unfortunately, most college kids these days aren't coming from any place-they seem to ask the same kind of questions over and over again.

Tags: Again, College, Kids

When people pay to see you live, they connect with you on a much deeper level than people who just buy your records.

Tags: Level, Pay, Records
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