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Sanya Richards-Ross's Quotes

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Born: 1985-02-26
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Sanya Richards-Ross

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A lot of times in sport if you try to tell the truth it seems like an excuse.

Tags: Tell, Truth, Try

I can't live without eyeliner.

Tags: Felt, Healthy

Most of the time our events aren't in the papers and they're not televised, so people don't know when we're competing.

Tags: Competing, Events, Time

My favorite healthy foods are Jamaican chicken soup, Jamaican chicken stew peas, Jamaican brown stew chicken, plantains and banana chips.

Tags: Chicken, Favorite, Healthy

My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream.

Tags: Cream, Ice, Rum

Sometimes I say the medication is even tougher than the illness.

Tags: Illness, Sometimes, Tougher

For all of my life I'd been extremely healthy. I'd never had any health issues, so to go from being perfectly healthy to having this very rare disease was scary. In a lot of people it is very severe. Some people go blind, you can have neuro-lesions which affect your brain, so I was very nervous.

Tags: Brain, Health, Life

You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing.

Tags: Business, Criticism, Fear

The city's contradictions and frailties drive me to the church. The church, in turn, binds my wounds and soothes my troubled heart, and sends me right back out into the city again.

Tags: Again, Church, Heart
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Sanya Richards-Ross's quote #4
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