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Remove grace, and you have nothing whereby to be saved. Remove free will and you have nothing that could be saved.

Tags: Free, Grace  ✍ Author: Jim Cantalupo

They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me.

Tags: Name, Said  ✍ Author: Pierre Cardin

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Tags: Earned, Penny  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin

I believe much trouble would be saved if we opened our hearts more.

Tags: Hearts, Trouble  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

When you allegorize, you're gonna get everybody saved somehow.

Tags: Everybody, Gonna  ✍ Author: Tim LaHaye

Many are saved from sin by being so inept at it.

Tags: Inept, Sin  ✍ Author: Mignon McLaughlin

The Postal Service is a vitally important institution for the American people. It must be saved.

Tags: American, Service  ✍ Author: Bernie Sanders

If pain could have cured us we should long ago have been saved.

Tags: Cured, Pain  ✍ Author: George Santayana

The world is not going to be saved by legislation.

 ✍ Author: William Howard Taft

The love received is the love that is saved.

Tags: Love, Received  ✍ Author: Eddie Vedder

We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap.

Tags: Cheap, Earth  ✍ Author: Kurt Vonnegut

A billion saved is a billion earned.

Tags: Billion, Earned  ✍ Author: Norman Ralph Augustine

I believe that all men and women will be saved.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: Jeff Buckley

A dollar saved is a quarter earned.

Tags: Dollar, Earned  ✍ Author: John Ciardi

Many a bum show has been saved by the flag.

Tags: Flag, Show  ✍ Author: George M. Cohan

I saved $8,000 and created a construction company when I was 25.

Tags: Company, Created  ✍ Author: Bob Corker

They do not say Roosevelt saved our system. They say he has given us a new one. That is logical.

Tags: Logical, System  ✍ Author: Errol Flynn

Even the lamest page can be saved by collaboration.

Tags: Page  ✍ Author: Philip Greenspun

The Beatles saved the world from boredom.

Tags: Beatles, Boredom  ✍ Author: George Harrison

Many a man is saved from being a thief by finding everything locked up.

Tags: Finding, Thief  ✍ Author: E. W. Howe

When I got saved, God became my art agent.

Tags: Art, God  ✍ Author: Thomas Kincade

Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.

Tags: Life, Ours  ✍ Author: D. H. Lawrence

When I say music saved me, I don't say that lightly.

Tags: Lightly, Music  ✍ Author: Sarah McLachlan

Rock'n'roll saved my soul.

Tags: Rock, Soul  ✍ Author: Thurston Moore

I further believe that all must be saved through the merits of Christ.

Tags: Christ, Further  ✍ Author: Daniel Morgan

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Maybe something can be saved, something can be done.

Tags: Done, Maybe  ✍ Author: Jack Ruby

I think one of the things that saved me is that I never put all my eggs in one basket.

Tags: Eggs, Put  ✍ Author: Ricky Schroder

I was very fortunate that I saved my money and I still do.

Tags: Fortunate, Money  ✍ Author: Rod Stewart

We're either going to save Ihe world or no one will be saved.

Tags: Either, Save  ✍ Author: Maurice Strong

He who hesitates is sometimes saved.

Tags: Hesitates, Sometimes  ✍ Author: James Thurber

Souls cannot be saved without exertion.

Tags: Cannot, Souls  ✍ Author: Ellen G. White

The arts saved my life.

Tags: Arts, Life  ✍ Author: Michael K. Williams

I've saved every dime I've made in my life.

Tags: Dime, Life  ✍ Author: Chely Wright