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Stuart Appleby's Quotes

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Born: 1971-05-01
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Australian
Biography of Stuart Appleby

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Getting through the nights is the toughest part. Being alone. Not having her there to talk to.

Tags: Alone, Her, Talk

I can certainly see how people are overcome by depression.

Tags: Depression, Overcome

I always say golf's a really good exposer of a player's personality.

Tags: Golf, Good, Player

I certainly don't think adrenalin coursing through your veins, is going to help with the fine motor skills of golf.

Tags: Fine, Golf, Help

I don't know where 12 months has gone.

Tags: Gone, Months

I don't remember too many rounds where you get shots given to you. Usually, ones are taken away.

Tags: Away, Remember, Taken

I never got to the point of needing drugs or thinking about giving up myself.

Tags: Giving, Point, Thinking

I was from the bush, watching Greg Norman on TV, but it was a world away.

Tags: Away, Tv, Watching

I was slightly disappointed, but also encouraged, because I put myself in position to win a major, which is all even Tiger says he tries to do.

Tags: Put, Says, Win

The Masters is a very important tournament. You don't want to jeopardize your chances. The sponsors understand that.

Tags: Chances, Masters, Understand

The top golfers in the world are like Formula One cars when it comes to their swings.

Tags: Cars, Swings, Top

We all say, 'You don't have to run around playing all these tournaments and trying to conquer the world like Dr. Evil.'

Tags: Evil, Playing, Trying

America has given me everything Australia couldn't. I grew up on a dairy farm. Now I live in Isleworth, a gated community in Orlando with Tiger Woods down the street.

Tags: America, Community, Street

Americans believe if you go to college, you have something to fall back on, which makes sense. I don't have any degrees. If I hadn't become a golfer, I have no idea what I would be doing with my life.

Tags: Become, Life, Sense

I didn't really get into golf until I was about 14. My mom and dad were taking lessons from a pro an hour and a half from our farm in Cohuna, Australia. When they got home, I'd ask my mom to explain everything they learned - drills and all.

Tags: Dad, Home, Mom

I had to do something special coming in. I didn't do it, so I had to do it in the playoff. Winning the Mercedes is awesome. Winning three times is a dream come true.

Tags: Special, True, Winning

If a cow walked into this room, I'd probably walk out. I could milk it, but my dad never forced me to do a lot of chores like that, mostly because he loved doing it himself.

Tags: Dad, Himself, Loved

In America, if you want to make it as a golfer, you go to college on a scholarship. In Australia, you go to the airport with a plane ticket. The competition just isn't there.

Tags: America, Australia, College
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