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Tanith Lee's Quotes

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Born: 1947-09-19
Profession: Writer
Nation: British
Biography of Tanith Lee

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I just love writing. It's magical, it's somewhere else to go, it's somewhere much more dreadful, somewhere much more exciting. Somewhere I feel I belong, possibly more than in the so-called real world.

Tags: Love, Real, Writing

I like writing about women, weak and strong, pathetic and heroic. I like writing about men, ditto. And all the variants of men and women, beasts and demons.

Tags: Men, Strong, Women

People are always the start for me... animals, when I can get into their heads, gods, supernatural beings, immortals, the dead... these are all people to me.

Tags: Dead, Gods, Start

As a child, my mother told me lots of fairy stories, many her own invention. She, too, tended to reverse the norm.

Tags: Child, Her, Mother

Genre categories are irrelevant. I dislike them, but I do not have the casting vote.

Tags: Dislike, Irrelevant, Vote

I also love Disney, and will defend doing so, because there's so much in those films and I don't care if it's stereotyped.

Tags: Care, Films, Love

I like films, or some films, and would be intrigued to see my work on screen.

Tags: Films, Screen, Work

I love writers all across the board, but one who influenced me very directly at the beginning was Mary Renault.

Tags: Beginning, Love, Writers

I never know where I am going, though. That is part of what makes it so wonderful. And after all, who does?

Tags: After, Makes, Wonderful

I think of myself as a storyteller, and that is it.

Tags: Complex, Manner, Writing

It's very selfish when I write. I'm not aware, ever, of writing for another person; I'm not even really aware of writing for myself.

Tags: Another, Selfish, Writing

No one is ever ordinary.

Tags: Ordinary

Pirates have always fascinated me.

Tags: Fascinated, Pirates

The other writer who had a very important early influence on me when I was about 17 was C.S. Lewis.

Tags: Early, Influence, Writer

When I am fascinated by something, I like to play with it.

Tags: Fascinated

Writers tell stories better, because they've had more practice, but everyone has a book in them. Yes, that old cliche.

Tags: Book, Old, Tell

Writing is writing, and stories are stories. Perhaps the only true genres are fiction and non-fiction. And even there, who can be sure?

Tags: Sure, True, Writing

At an early school, when I was about 5, they asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Everyone said silly things, and I said I wanted to be an actress. So that was what I wanted to be, but what I was, of course, was a writer.

Tags: Said, School, Wanted

I submitted manuscripts to publishers. This was not so much a feeling that I should be published as a wish to escape the feared and hated drudgery of normal work.

Tags: Feeling, Wish, Work

I'm writing what comes into my head, or through me, or from somewhere else, and it is the most extraordinary, exciting thing. I love it, and I'm very greedy, and I really enjoy it!

Tags: Enjoy, Love, Writing
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If they had said my writing wasn't good enough, fair enough, that's an opinion. But to say it's too complex is to insult the intelligence of the so-called young.

Tags: Enough, Good, Writing
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