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He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.

Tags: Admire, Virtues  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress.

Tags: Among, Oppression  ✍ Author: Napoleon Bonaparte

The thing I like about decathlon is also the thing I dislike: It's the maximum challenge, but also the maximum frustration.

Tags: Challenge, Decathlon  ✍ Author: Ashton Eaton

There's a certain group of people who are always going to dislike me and disagree with whatever I say.

Tags: Group, Whatever  ✍ Author: Marilyn Manson

I don't dislike anybody.

Tags: Anybody  ✍ Author: Joel Osteen

Of puns it has been said that those who most dislike them are those who are least able to utter them.

Tags: Able, Said  ✍ Author: Edgar Allan Poe

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

Tags: Gossip, Time  ✍ Author: Will Rogers

Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.

Tags: Neglect, Often  ✍ Author: J. K. Rowling

To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship.

Tags: Friendship, Makes  ✍ Author: Aulis Sallinen

You really have to get to know Dewey to dislike him.

Tags: Him  ✍ Author: Robert A. Taft

People who know me well, call me Elizabeth. I dislike Liz.

Tags: Call, Elizabeth  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Taylor

I think spirituality is a good thing but I dislike any sort of dogmatic organization.

Tags: Dogmatic, Good  ✍ Author: Noah Taylor

As a rule, there is no surer way to the dislike of men than to behave well where they have behaved badly.

Tags: Men, Rule  ✍ Author: Lew Wallace

I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man.

Tags: Hate, Physically  ✍ Author: Orson Welles

There are those who so dislike the nude that they find something indecent in the naked truth.

Tags: Indecent, Truth  ✍ Author: F. H. Bradley

Too many moralists begin with a dislike of reality.

Tags: Begin, Reality  ✍ Author: Clarence Day

I've always been afraid of saying no to people because I don't want them to be disappointed and dislike me.

Tags: Afraid, Saying  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

It's not that I dislike many people. It's just that I don't like many people.

 ✍ Author: Bryant Gumbel

Hate is more lasting than dislike.

Tags: Hate, Lasting  ✍ Author: Adolf Hitler

Above all, I dislike vulgarity.

Tags: Above, Vulgarity  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

There are two things in ordinary conversation which ordinary people dislike - information and wit.

Tags: Ordinary, Wit  ✍ Author: Stephen Leacock

I rather like mysteries. But I do dislike muddles.

Tags: Mysteries, Rather  ✍ Author: David Lean
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Genre categories are irrelevant. I dislike them, but I do not have the casting vote.

Tags: Irrelevant, Vote  ✍ Author: Tanith Lee

I dislike pastiche; it attracts attention to the language only.

Tags: Attention, Language  ✍ Author: Hilary Mantel

In America, people are just so straightforward when they dislike things.

Tags: America  ✍ Author: Frances Mayes

I don't dislike the process of animation... I find it daunting, but only as much as I find everything daunting.

Tags: Animation, Process  ✍ Author: Bill Nighy

Those we dislike can do nothing to please us.

Tags: Please  ✍ Author: Samuel Richardson

My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies.

Tags: Lies, Trouble  ✍ Author: George A. Romero

Well, the truth is I'm very scared for people to dislike me. I have conflict-avoidance.

Tags: Scared, Truth  ✍ Author: Hans Rosling

I still dislike phones, yeah!

Tags: Phones, Yeah  ✍ Author: Martin Scorsese

I don't dislike my peers because they're still around and remind me of what I'm doing. I never liked them anyway. I never liked U2, the things they've done over the years.

Tags: Done, Liked  ✍ Author: Robert Smith

It's fun to play the type of people you dislike.

Tags: Fun, Type  ✍ Author: Jason Sudeikis

I very much dislike the intolerance and moralism of many Christians, and feel more sympathy with Honest Doubters than with them.

Tags: Honest, Sympathy  ✍ Author: A. N. Wilson

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