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Veterans Quotes

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There was a huge, tremendous amount of disabled veterans and the Veteran's Administration just wasn't geared up for it. I know for a fact that it's getting better and better.

Tags: Fact, Getting  ✍ Author: R. Lee Ermey

Everybody respects the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Tags: America, Everybody  ✍ Author: R. Lee Ermey

In fact, our monthly trade deficit figure is so huge it equals the entire annual budget of our Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans fought to make us free from foreign tyranny, but the new tyranny is taking a different form.

Tags: Fact, Free  ✍ Author: Marcy Kaptur

But this Veterans Day, I believe we should do more than sing the praises of the bravery and patriotism that our veterans have embodied in the past. We should take this opportunity to re-evaluate how we are treating our veterans in the present.

Tags: Past, Patriotism  ✍ Author: Nick Lampson

Congress should stop treating veterans like they're asking for a hand out when it comes to the benefits they were promised, and they should realize that, were it not for these veterans, there would be nothing to hand out.

Tags: Realize, Stop  ✍ Author: Nick Lampson

I come from a district where the veterans are not the richest in the country.

Tags: Country, Richest  ✍ Author: Corrine Brown

Veterans continue to get the short end of the stick when it comes to this administration.

Tags: End, Short  ✍ Author: Corrine Brown

One of the good things about the way the Gulf War ended in 1991 is, you'd see the Vietnam veterans marching with the Gulf War veterans.

Tags: Good, War  ✍ Author: George H. W. Bush

America's veterans embody the ideals upon which America was founded more than 229 years ago.

Tags: America, Ideals  ✍ Author: Steve Buyer

Our greatest privilege and responsibility as leaders of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs is to provide our veterans with a system that cares for their wounds and ensures that they have an opportunity to succeed.

Tags: Greatest, Succeed  ✍ Author: Steve Buyer

Veterans have had a long record of leaning towards the Republican Party. I think that's changing. I think that President Obama has the strongest record with veterans among any president in my lifetime.

Tags: President, Republican  ✍ Author: Wesley Clark

It is unacceptable that disabled veterans in Illinois rank at the bottom of the list when it comes to disability pay. We owe our disabled veterans more than speeches, parades and monuments.

Tags: Disability, Pay  ✍ Author: Dick Durbin

Caring for veterans shouldn't be a partisan issue. It should an American one.

Tags: American, Caring  ✍ Author: Jennifer Granholm

In Congress, while the House's proposed defense budget calls for significant increases, it also cuts 11 billion dollars from veterans spending - including healthcare and disability pay. Be clear: we can't equate spending on veterans with spending on defense.

Tags: Congress, While  ✍ Author: Jennifer M. Granholm

We owe our World War II veterans - and all our veterans - a debt we can never fully repay.

Tags: Debt, War  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

The most basic obligation we have to our veterans is that we keep the promises that were made to them. That is what makes the recent failures of the Veterans Administration so shameful.

Tags: Keep, Makes  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

As efforts to fix this failure at the Veterans Administration continue, I also intend to persist in demanding answers and action on the establishment of a new clinic to serve the veterans in North Central Washington.

Tags: Action, Failure  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

In addition to demanding answers and accountability from the Veterans Administration, Congress had to act to ensure veterans do not suffer because of the actions of a federal agency.

Tags: Act, Congress  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) has called for an audit of the Pentagon, so that we finally have some transparency and accountability in how DOD spends taxpayer dollars.

Tags: America, Concerned  ✍ Author: Pete Hegseth

I remain committed to improving the government services to which Hudson Valley veterans are entitled.

Tags: Government, Remain  ✍ Author: Sue Kelly

Romney still enjoys the Republicans' traditional advantage among voters who are veterans, but the Obama campaign is confident it can chip away at that.

Tags: Advantage, Away  ✍ Author: Mara Liasson

It was a requirement by the veterans to list the 57,000 names. We're reaching a time that we'll acknowledge the individual in a war on a national level.

Tags: Time, War  ✍ Author: Maya Lin

Our Nation must provide sufficient access to healthcare, adequate benefits, and the supplemental resources our veterans were promised and so dearly need. We owe our heroes no less.

Tags: Less, Nation  ✍ Author: Dan Lipinski

I co-founded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council in 2005.

Tags: Families, Military  ✍ Author: Scott Pelley

These men were wrongfully rejected, the veterans. The fighting man should never have been blamed for Vietnam.

Tags: Fighting, Men  ✍ Author: Neil Sheehan
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Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and uphold our values when duty called.

Tags: America, Values  ✍ Author: Bill Shuster

I started a theater called Steppenwolf. We've been very supportive of the veterans there.

Tags: Started, Theater  ✍ Author: Gary Sinise

In the re-creation of combat situations, and this is coming from a director who's never been in one, being mindful of what these veterans have actually gone through, you find that the biggest concern is that you don't look at war as a geopolitical endeavor.

Tags: Actually, War  ✍ Author: Steven Spielberg

The sanctity of our battlefields, monuments, and veterans institutions is of utmost importance to preserve military history and pay respect to those who fought.

Tags: History, Respect  ✍ Author: Henry Waxman
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