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Adam Giles's Quotes

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Born: 1973-04-10
Profession: Politician
Nation: Australian
Biography of Adam Giles

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I have never declared myself an Indigenous politician; I am not an Indigenous Chief Minister.

Tags: Chief, Indigenous, Politician

I worked from 12 to 17, six years in a bakery. I was a pastry cook.

Tags: Cook, Six, Worked

If you've got kids who aren't being looked after by their parents, there's only so many times you can try and intervene to get that right.

Tags: After, Parents, Try

People want development. Not everyone knows what it means. Same as jobs. Not everyone knows what a job is, but people want jobs.

Tags: Everyone, Job, Means

If someone comes to me, any community in the Northern Territory, with a viable economic future, and says, 'We want to be part of a bold new approach,' I'll put them down as a major project, and I'll do everything I can to help them out.

Tags: Future, Help, Someone
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Adam Giles's quote #2
Adam Giles's quote #2
Adam Giles's quote #2
Adam Giles's quote #2
Adam Giles's quote #2
Adam Giles's quote #2
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