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Adam Scott's Quotes

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Born: 1973-04-03
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Adam Scott

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And if you get caught up in combing the Internet for what people think of you or how people perceive you, I think that's a slippery slope.

Tags: Caught, Internet, Perceive

I mean, I love action films, you know, good action films.

Tags: Good, Love, Mean

I tend to be a little too old to feel guilty about watching anything. Like, I watch 'Survivor' every week.

Tags: Guilty, Old, Week

I think 'Eastbound & Down' is one of the great television shows, ever.

Tags: Great, Shows, Television

I would be horrified to watch whatever I was doing on 'Party Of Five.' I'm sure I'm bad on it.

Tags: Bad, Sure, Whatever

If I'm going to be away from my family, I'd rather it be working with my friends.

Tags: Family, Friends, Working

It is not like casting me in your movie is going to help you get financing.

Tags: Casting, Help, Movie

Journalism classes would have been interesting to me.

Tags: Classes, Journalism

I mean, the acting school I went to, we did have a social experience, but you know, when it's a bunch of actors, it's everyone self-consciously having a social experience rather than just having a social experience.

Tags: Experience, Mean, School

Like, on the 'Parks And Rec' set, I still feel like I'm a guest star. Being a fan of the show, it's really surreal to be on the set and see that it's not real, and getting to know the actors and they're not their characters.

Tags: Getting, Real, Show

'Step Brothers' itself, when I did it, I don't know if I had any idea that it would become a defining moment in my career and life like it has, and I'm really happy that that's the one that ended up being that for me.

Tags: Career, Happy, Life

You know, it looks like I have a varied resume or a varied career, that I've made interesting choices, when the truth of the matter is, in a way I've just kind of piece-mealed a career together, you know?

Tags: Career, Together, Truth

You know, writing is really difficult, and it takes a real patience and a skill. I don't know if I have that. I admire it in others, so much, and I envy it.

Tags: Envy, Patience, Writing
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