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Ann Wilson's Quotes

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Born: 1950-06-19
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Ann Wilson

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I'm a little bit more unusual so I consider myself as the black sheep.

Tags: Bit, Black, Sheep

Fleetwood Mac are more like a folk-rock band.

Tags: Band, Fleetwood, Mac

Heart has always been a rock band. It's always been hard-rock.

Tags: Band, Heart, Rock

I don't think we ever clash but we do become frosty.

Tags: Become, Clash

I don't think we will use the 80s glossy sound again.

Tags: Again, Sound

I don't think we'll ever use the same sound techniques.

Tags: Sound, Techniques

I guess we decided to make a new record 3 years ago when Nancy was done scoring for Almost Famous.

Tags: Almost, Done, Famous

I like the way remixes sound. Some of them are really creative.

Tags: Creative, Sound

I like The White Stripes and I like the kinda twang American thing right now.

Tags: American, Kinda, White

I think the theme of the album probably was just that it was our first record.

Tags: Album, Theme

I've got two sisters and they're both married and they're both much more settled into the way things are.

Tags: Both, Married, Sisters

It's a really bad idea to be in a band and get involved with each other.

Tags: Bad, Band, Idea

Led Zeppelin, you can't find a better band to pay homage to.

Tags: Band, Homage, Pay

No way, because there's love relationships, there's sex relationships and then there's the band.

Tags: Band, Love, Sex

People can't just listen to the music and have their own imagination and take them where they wanna go.

Tags: Listen, Music, Wanna

We're not like Alice In Chains where somebody dies and the band breaks up.

Tags: Band, Breaks, Somebody

You noticed from last night, we only did two from the 80s. And our set's two hours long.

Tags: Hours, Last, Night

At that time a lot of young men didn't want to go to the war and kill. This guy that I fell in love with was one of those so he escaped to Canada and I followed him.

Tags: Love, Men, Time

Back when we were first making records, you didn't just make the music, you put a great deal of energy into the way it looked, and every word that was written on the whole thing.

Tags: Great, Music, Put

It was darn nigh impossible for women in rock in the '70s. There wasn't a mold if you were a woman and you were in the entertainment in the '70s. You were probably a disco diva or a folk singer, or simply ornamental. Radio would play only one woman per hour.

Tags: Rock, Woman, Women

You have to also provide a video for it, look a certain way and big hair... If you're a woman it's even more strange with fake fingernails and corsets and all this stuff that was big in the 80s.

Tags: Fake, Strange, Woman