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Beth Henley's Profile

Brief about Beth Henley: By info that we know Beth Henley was born at 1952-08-08. And also Beth Henley is American Playwright.

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What I loved about the acting class was that you got to think all day long about a person that wasn't you, and figure out why they were sad and what they wanted, what they dreamed.

Tags: Acting, Sad, Why

I did write a couple of original screenplays, but I'd rather write plays.

Tags: Couple, Rather, Write

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays.

Tags: Community, Mother, Theatre

I just loved being divorced from my own wretchedness.

Tags: Divorced, Loved

I love writing for the screen.

Tags: Love, Screen, Writing

I tried to start a theatre in LA and failed miserably, but I was probably not meant to raise money.

Tags: Money, Start, Theatre

I was just restless with being in school; so I went out to Los Angeles.

Tags: Angeles, Restless, School

I'm very into the first production of the show.

Tags: Production, Show

In movement class, you had to lie on the floor and get your alignment in to pass the class.

Tags: Class, Lie, Movement

It was kind of enlightening to become a playwright.

Tags: Become, Playwright

It's really interesting that whenever you do something that is so out of character, like having an emotional outburst, that you don't get in trouble.

Tags: Character, Emotional, Trouble

My fault now is making my plays too short.

Tags: Fault, Making, Short

My first few plays took place in the South and even The Lucky Spot was in the thirties but in Louisiana.

Tags: Few, Lucky, Place

Part of that is that New York has proved to be too much fun for me to live and work; I love New York so much.

Tags: Fun, Love, Work

Then I went off to Southern Methodist University in Dallas. They had a really wonderful theatre department.

Tags: Off, Theatre, Wonderful

Then, when I was a senior in high school, I was kind of bereft and she put me in an acting class.

Tags: Acting, Put, School

You can't just go in there and open your mouth until the cast and director feel comfortable with you.

Tags: Mouth, Open, Until

But here's the thing: what you do as a screenwriter is you sell your copyright. As a novelist, as a poet, as a playwright, you maintain your copyright.

Tags: Here, Poet, Sell

It's called Sisters of the Winter Madrigal. It was interesting for me to see it done after so many years; because I wrote it and I didn't realize what a rage I was in.

Tags: After, Done, Realize

Plays are so much more special if they've never ever had a production, but I think you can really work on a play and make it better with each production.

Tags: Production, Special, Work