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Dwight Gooden's Profile

Brief about Dwight Gooden: By info that we know Dwight Gooden was born at 1964-11-16. And also Dwight Gooden is American Athlete.

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I've done enough wrong on my own, I don't want to get blamed for something I didn't do.

Tags: Done, Enough, Wrong

One of the nicest satisfactions you can have is to be able to give something back to your parents when they've given so much to you.

Tags: Able, Give, Parents

I love the fans and I appreciate how much they care for me.

Tags: Appreciate, Care, Love

My father helped me become a ballplayer and take the good with the bad.

Tags: Bad, Father, Good

Plus, when you get in tough situations, like the bases loaded and nobody out, you never give in.

Tags: Give, Nobody, Tough

The day I pitched, I would drink either 'cause I was celebrating or I lost and couldn't sleep.

Tags: Either, Lost, Sleep

You got the ball in your hands and you're in command, and if you get your good pitch where you want it, nobody's gonna hit you.

Tags: Good, Hands, Nobody

I figured that pitchers had a better chance of getting drafted than fielders, so I decided I should be a pitcher. But I never expected to be picked in the first round. I wasn't even sure I'd get picked at all.

Tags: Chance, Getting, Sure

If you can get an out on one pitch, take it. Let the strikeouts come on the outstanding pitches. Winning is the big thing. If you throw a lot of pitches, before you know it, your arm is gone.

Tags: Big, Gone, Winning

My first year in baseball, there were only one or two reporters. My second year, I got to the Triple-A playoffs, there were four or five. When I came up in 1984, I never saw so many people.

Tags: Baseball, Second, Year

When I went back to Shea last year it really hit me how much the fans care for me, it still gives me goose bumps. I want to do the right thing for them and my family.

Tags: Care, Family, Last

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