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Jerry Moss's Profile

Brief about Jerry Moss: By info that we know Jerry Moss was born at 1935-05-08. And also Jerry Moss is American Businessman.

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We're here to win the race. If we get beat, we get beat.

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It's a great story. It's available for anyone else who wants to try it. We're not brilliant. We're not unbelievable. We're just two people who hit a nerve. I think it can be done again and again and again. More people should try it.

Tags: Done, Great, Try

It's not that complicated. If you hear something and it makes you want to hear it again, that's the ticket. You have to be lucky enough to find geniuses, welcome them and get out of their way.

Tags: Again, Enough, Makes

The partnership over the 28 years we had the company afforded him the opportunity to experiment and live his life as an artist and a label honcho and do what he wanted to do. It afforded me the same opportunity.

Tags: Him, Life, Wanted

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