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Kate Mosse's Profile

Brief about Kate Mosse: By info that we know Kate Mosse was born at 1961-10-20. And also Kate Mosse is English Author.

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Actually, I can write anywhere - airport lounges, in bed, on a rattling train going north.

Tags: Actually, Bed, Write

Free and fair access to books - to reading - is a right and one we should fight for.

Tags: Fair, Fight, Free

I am not a fan of historical fiction that is sloppy in its research or is dishonest about the real history.

Tags: History, Real, Research

I read a lot of thrillers, especially American crime novels.

Tags: American, Crime, Read

I really like people and I keep friendships. I have people from all parts of my life.

Tags: Keep, Life, Parts

Library campaigners are not prepared to stand by and watch something they cherish be dismantled brick by brick.

Tags: Library, Stand, Watch

People have different views of how you deal with different issues in literature, and, frankly, long may it last that there is a range of views.

Tags: Deal, Last, May

People think that I'm very serious.

Tags: Serious

Usually I decide on what it is I'm writing next by the books I'm reading.

Tags: Next, Reading, Writing

All prizes have a role, if they are run with integrity and with a clear focus on reading and quality writing. I don't think any of them is necessary, but they all play an incredibly important role in building a body of literature, in introducing new authors to new readers, and extending reading.

Tags: Focus, Integrity, Writing

Lots of people have objections to prizes of all types, and it would be extraordinary if everybody agreed on anything that's worthwhile - they never do.

Tags: Everybody, Lots, Worthwhile

The message is clear: libraries matter. Their solid presence at the heart of our towns sends the proud signal that everyone - whoever they are, whatever their educational background, whatever their age or their needs - is welcome.

Tags: Age, Heart, Proud

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