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Paulina Rubio's Profile

Brief about Paulina Rubio: By info that we know Paulina Rubio was born at 1973-06-17. And also Paulina Rubio is Mexican Musician.

Some Paulina Rubio's quotes. Goto "Paulina Rubio's quotation" section for more.

My music, my songs are 100 percent inspired by girl power.

Tags: Girl, Music, Power

Everyone has a Latino inside them.

Tags: Everyone, Inside, Latino

I like to be glamorous so I love the clothing and the big entrances. It needs to be spectacular!

Tags: Big, Love, Needs

I started in a band called 'Timbiriche,' we toured the world when I was 8; I have 23 albums.

Tags: Albums, Band, Started

I was born in Mexico, I am from Mexico City.

Tags: Born, City, Mexico

With 'Timbiriche,' I toured Brazil and a lot of Latin America.

Tags: America, Brazil, Latin

There are a lot of influences from different countries in my music. For example, I chose the guitar in my music, I think that it is a feminine instrument, so when I do not sing, the music expresses my voice.

Tags: Guitar, Music, Voice

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