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Rudy Rucker's Profile

Brief about Rudy Rucker: By info that we know Rudy Rucker was born at 1946-03-22. And also Rudy Rucker is American Scientist.

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One of the nice things about science fiction is that it lets us carry out thought experiments.

Tags: Nice, Science, Thought

If you think of your life as a kind of computation, it's quite abundantly clear that there's not going to be a final answer and there won't be anything particularly wonderful about having the computation halt!

Tags: Life, Won, Wonderful

A computation is a process that obeys finitely describable rules.

Tags: Process, Rules

Lately I've been working to convince myself that everything is a computation.

Tags: Convince, Lately, Working

Some ideas you have to chew on, then roll them around a lot, play with them before you can turn them into funky science fiction.

Tags: Ideas, Science, Turn

Advice to beginning SF writers? Write a lot, finish what you write, and when it's done, keep sending it out for quite awhile.

Tags: Advice, Done, Keep

All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected.

Tags: Complex, Living, Might

But how does it feel to plug into a system that's say, a million times as smart as a person.

Tags: Smart, System, Times

Computations are everywhere, once you begin to look at things in a certain way.

Tags: Begin, Everywhere, Once

I like a book better if I can't predict what's going to happen.

Tags: Book, Happen, Predict

I like to do things that are surprising and different.

Tags: Surprising

I think dry nanotechnology is probably a dead-end.

Tags: Dry

If all else fails, there's always print or web zines.

Tags: Else, Print, Web

In any case, A New Kind of Science is a wonderful book, and I'm still absorbing its teachings.

Tags: Book, Science, Wonderful

It's soothing to realize that my mind's processes are inherently uncontrollable.

Tags: Mind, Realize, Soothing

Now, being a science fiction writer, when I see a natural principle, I wonder if it could fail.

Tags: Fail, Natural, Science

Science fiction writers put characters into a world with arbitrary rules and work out what happens.

Tags: Put, Science, Work

Selling a book or story has never become absolutely automatic for me.

Tags: Become, Book, Story

The hard fact is that not everyone does get published.

Tags: Everyone, Fact, Hard

Traditional science is all about finding shortcuts.

Tags: Finding, Science, Shortcuts
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