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Peter De Vries's Profile

Brief about Peter De Vries: By info that we know Peter De Vries was born at 1910-02-27. And also Peter De Vries is American Novelist.

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The tuba is certainly the most intestinal of instruments, the very lower bowel of music.

Tags: Lower, Music, Tuba

The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination. But the combination is locked up in the safe.

Tags: Locked, Safe, Universe

When I can no longer bear to think of the victims of broken homes, I begin to think of the victims of intact ones.

Tags: Begin, Broken, Longer

Words fashioned with somewhat over precise diction are like shapes turned out by a cookie cutter.

Tags: Cookie, Shapes, Words

Who of us is mature enough for offspring before the offspring themselves arrive? The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults.

Tags: Children, Enough, Marriage

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly.

Tags: Anniversary, Bonds, Mature

The difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character.

Tags: Character, Love, Marriage

Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.

Tags: Emotional, Escape, Food

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Tags: Nostalgia, Used

We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.

Tags: Another, Earth, Put

Everybody hates me because I'm so universally liked.

Tags: Everybody, Hates, Liked

Celibacy is the worst form of self-abuse.

Tags: Celibacy, Worst

The satirist shoots to kill while the humorist brings his prey back alive and eventually releases him again for another chance.

Tags: Another, Him, Humor

I write when I'm inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning.

Tags: Inspired, Morning, Write

A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after.

Tags: Car, Children, Mother

There are times when parenthood seems nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you.

Tags: Hand, Seems, Times

Confession is good for the soul only in the sense that a tweed coat is good for dandruff - it is a palliative rather than a remedy.

Tags: Good, Sense, Soul

I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork.

Tags: Love, Stand, Writer

I was thinking that we all learn by experience, but some of us have to go to summer school.

Tags: Experience, School, Thinking

It is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us.

Tags: Exist, God, Order
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