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Christina Perri's Quotes

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Born: 1986-08-19
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Christina Perri

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You need to love yourself and be yourself one hundred percent before you can actually love someone else.

Tags: Love, Someone, Yourself

Everything around me inspires and influences me. Mainly love - falling in it, losing it, loving it and hating it.

Tags: Hating, Losing, Love

Music has been my everything since day one. It's been my shoulder to cry on, my rock and my best friend.

Tags: Best, Music, Rock

My earliest memories as a child are listening to Beatles records, and they are a big part of how I've learned to write pop songs.

Tags: Big, Child, Learned

I took time off from school and traveled to Italy when I was 19, living with my extended family members. I must have slept in 30 different houses those months, taken in by people who'd never even met me.

Tags: Family, School, Time

I was kind of an outcast in school 'cause I always kept to myself and was writing poetry and then going on tour with my brother band all the time, so kids didn't know what to make of me.

Tags: Poetry, School, Time

I'm a total protein shake junkie nerd. I get creative every morning - you never know what you're gonna get in my shake... fruit? Peanut butter? Ice-cream?

Tags: Creative, Fruit, Morning

It felt very natural to me to write a Christmas song, but at the same time I had to really put all sorts of pressure aside and just let the creativity flow and see what came out.

Tags: Creativity, Time

Yes, my first memory of singing, in general, was of a Christmas song. And then listening to Christmas music was really the first music I was ever connected to.

Tags: Music, Song
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