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Cops Quotes

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I have no hatred for cops. I have hatred for racists and brutal people, but not necessarily the cops. The cops are just doing what they're told to do.

Tags: Brutal, Hatred  ✍ Author: Ice T

Elvis was the only man from Northeast Mississippi who could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops, and hippies.

Tags: Hippies, Loved  ✍ Author: Jimmy Buffett

I don't necessarily have friends who are forensic scientists, but I have tons of friends who are cops.

Tags: Friends, Scientists  ✍ Author: Carmine Giovinazzo

It's a lot of crooked cops out there. They manipulate the system.

Tags: Manipulate, System  ✍ Author: Ludacris

There's good and evil going on. We have cops. We have robbers.

Tags: Evil, Good  ✍ Author: Joe Mantegna

I've always been fascinated by Baretta and Donny Brasco, and other undercover cops in movies.

Tags: Fascinated, Movies  ✍ Author: Dylan McDermott

I think people really don't like cops so much; they're kind of rude to them or treat them like they can't see them.

Tags: Rude, Treat  ✍ Author: Leelee Sobieski

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