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David Lee Roth's Quotes

David Lee Roth profile photo

Born: 1954-10-10
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of David Lee Roth

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When you get something like MTV, it's like regular television. You get it, and at first it's novel and brand new and then you watch every channel, every show. And then you become a little more selective and more selective, until ultimately... you wind up with a radio.

Tags: Become, Show, Until

Ya know, I always admired Ray Kroc, the man who invented McDonald's. Ray had a vision of the most commonplace thing - a hamburger and fries to go - but to him it was just the greatest thing ever, and he was going to make it the greatest thing ever for everybody else, and he did.

Tags: Else, Greatest, Him

I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.

Tags: Falling, Funny, Used

I'm not conceited. Conceit is a fault and I have no faults.

Tags: Conceited, Fault, Faults

It doesn't get better, it doesn't get worse, but it sure gets different!

Tags: Sure, Worse

He who knows how will always work for he who knows why.

Tags: Knows, Why, Work

Maybe I'm like acts of Congress or your favorite Chinese restaurant - you don't really want to know what's going on behind the door. I'm a real study in contrast, I expect, looking from without. But it adds up to what you get on stage.

Tags: Door, Real, Study

The problem with self-improvement is knowing when to quit.

Tags: Knowing, Problem, Quit

It's always irritated me that people say, 'Where's the action? Oh wow, there's no action here; let's go somewhere else.' These people will never find the action.

Tags: Action, Else, Here

A lot of rock bands are truly a legend in their own minds.

Tags: Minds, Rock, Truly

You stick your head above the crowd and attract attention and sometimes somebody will throw a rock at you. That's the territory. You buy the land, you get the Indians.

Tags: Attention, Rock, Sometimes

I don't get all the women that I want... I get all the women that want me.

Tags: Women

I used to have a drug problem, now I make enough money.

Tags: Enough, Money, Problem

People ask me how far I've come. And I tell them twelve feet: from the audience to the stage.

Tags: Ask, Far, Tell

The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the front of an oncoming train.

Tags: End, Front, Light

The only thing I'm allergic to is criticism.

Tags: Allergic, Criticism

You want a hero in the music world? James Brown. He brought a feeling to music without really using words. He's just famous for his sound.

Tags: Famous, Feeling, Music

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.

Tags: Enough, Happiness, Money

Music is like girlfriends to me; I'm continually astonished by the choices other people make.

Tags: Astonished, Choices, Music

Rap is poetry to music, like beatniks without beards and bongos.

Tags: Music, Poetry, Rap

The world's a stage, and I want the brightest spot.

Tags: Brightest, Spot, Stage

I grew up on radio, not TV.

Tags: Radio, Tv

Radio as we know it is pretty much changing completely.

Tags: Changing, Pretty, Radio

Van Halen can keep providing the rain and I'll keep providing the parade.

Tags: Keep, Providing, Rain

I take my personal upkeep real seriously; my sense of organization and attention to detail; my memory; my business - I love the business.

Tags: Business, Love, Real

I've always been very self-motivated.

Tags: Ambition, Makes, Music
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